Tips you can follow to buy a Perfect Gym wear and dressing up for Gym hours

Some activities like biking swimming require specific clothing. Similarly general workout in the gym requires specific clothing which fits your body shape and stretchable.  There are so many factors which you have to consider before buying a perfect Gym wear for yourself including the fabric and the type of workout schedule you are following in the Gym.

Active wear is a major trend these days and it does have a huge impact on your stamina and your motivation. If you want to do the workout with full performance you should need a perfect Active wear for yourself.

Climate and Place

You have to consider the climate and place where you live and where are you going for your workout. Like if you are going in Gym for workout or you are visiting a park or open place for running or walking. You have to consider whether the climate is hot or cold or windy and wear accordingly. Avoid wearing those clothes which are uncomfortable or tight.


Choosing a right kind of fabric is very essential. You have to check the quality of the fabric you are wearing. Sometimes lower quality active wear heats up your body and increase sweat sessions and you will feel uncomfortable in it. If you are going outdoors always pick for moisture wicking outfits which will pull all the moisture away from your body and make your body temperature down in warm places. Cotton clothes are super comfortable as it soaks the sweat easily and does not smell after workout. You can go for polyester as it protects the body from UV rays as well. Polyester is durable lightweight and breathable. Nylon is best fabric for running wear as it is sweat wicking and super stretchy.

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Right Fit

The workout clothes would be right fit for you it should be loose and comfortable. during running and biking you should avoid wide leg loose  pants  as it can be tangled in feet or paddles of the bikes. if you are doing yoga sessions it will need fitted and stretchable clothes which wick more sweat. Before purchasing the perfect active wear you should focus on the type of the activity you are doing on daily basis.

Best Colour

Choose colour according to your choice and style Blue is best for workout  or gym lovers  it gives calming effect  and increases concentration and activity Red is the powerful colour to wear  it is best for boxing and cross fit but too much red can cause aggression and agitation. So always mix it with grey or white which are neutral colours. Green is best if you love running outdoors in summers it will give you extra boost. Neutral colours like light pink pastels giving you a chilling effect.

How to dress up for perfect Gym session

Always wear clothes which are stretchable and comfortable. Carrying your style is good but safety is also very important. Tight fitted clothes will cause skin irritation rashes and injuries. Material should be of cotton or polyester as during workout there would be more sweat sessions so pick those clothes that are specially designed for wicking sweat. Wear gym shorts, yoga pants track pants or sweatpants. You can wear tank tops tees T shirts as per your choice. Always wear shoes for workout Pick the shoes as per your exercises like if you are doing cardio bring those shoes who offer too much protection to your legs and feet. If you are doing running bring shoes made for runners. Always carry a towel for gym. Use a clean soft towel which can wipe the sweat easily don’t share your towel to anyone as it can transfer germs and bacteria. Wash your clothes after the Gym session on daily basis