Follow the diet chart if you are diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a common hormonal health condition where your body does not make enough thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for the cell growth repair and the functions of metabolism. If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism you will face tiredness, hair loss  weight gain and exhaustion after a certain time. Near about 1-2% people are affected worldwide from this health issue. It is affecting women more than men. You have to follow a healthy diet to control this condition. Some foods are helping in this condition and some foods worsen the symptoms of it. so there are foods you should add in to your diet and some foods which you should avoid to be healthy.

Important foods to add in your diet in Hypothyroidism

Foods rich in Iodine

Foods which are rich in iodine helps in this condition our body cannot make iodine so we have to include it in our diet. Foods which are rich in iodine like cheese, Milk, iodized table salt, saltwater fish , seaweed and whole eggs are the foods you should add in to your diet. The deficiency of iodine will cause an enlarged thyroid gland known as goitre. Don’t consume too much of iodine. Excess of iodine sometimes worsen the hypothyroidism. Consume it as per your doctor’s recommendation

Foods rich in Zinc

Zinc also helps to activate thyroid hormones. It will regulate the body TSH balance in the body. You can eat zinc rich foods like oysters, shellfish and chicken, Pumpkin seeds and yogurt. It improves thyroid function in female which are diagnosed with hypothyroidism

Foods rich in selenium

If you are maintaining the selenium level in the body it helps prevent thyroid disease and promotes your overall health. Foods which contain selenium are chicken, Turkey, eggs, Ham, oatmeal and brown rice. You should include it in your diet chart.

Foods to avoid in Hypothyroidism

If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism you should avoid soy products which interfere the production of the thyroid hormones. Foods which contain caffeine and sodas are the products which hamper the production of iodine. So avoid consumption of caffeine and sodas. One of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain. so avoid sugar based products like deserts , processed foods  candies because it increases your weight and hamper your metabolism.

Tips to follow in Hypothyroidism

1. Drink plenty of water as it will keep you fit and healthy and flush out toxins from your body

2. Don’t overeat and eat healthy stuff otherwise weight gain and stomach issues will occur in your body.

3. Follow yoga and meditation at home to manage your stress level because stress is the main cause behind hypothyroidism. Reduce your stress level and eat healthy to balance the immunity system.