20 minutes of Reverse walking in a day will give you great mental and physical benefits

Walking has always been a good morning exercise which you can do even in evening and will give you extreme health benefits. Going for a regular morning walk daily seems to be little bit boring for you so Reverse walking or walking backward is good for your mind and body. According to a study it is revealed that reverse walking is a good cardio exercise which will help you in weight loss and maintain a healthy body. There are another many benefits of walking backward lets discuss them in detail.

Benefits of Reverse walking

Great Way of coordination

Reverse walking improves your coordination as you are going against the usual pattern and following the reverse of it so your body and mind needs a coordination to follow it. Doing it regularly as exercise will definitely improves your coordination level of mind and body and your focus on things will improve day by day.

Increase in Motivation level

Reverse walking will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and try things which are difficult to do on daily basis. It will sharp your thinking skills and enhances the cognitive conrol.

Burn Calories

It will burn your extra calories and boosts your energy levels it will increase your metabolism and give a healthy effect on your body and mind.

Strengthen your body and muscles

Reverse walking will strengthen your legs muscles as we are walking backside of the legs and some muscles will get in motion which was earlier not working. it will make your legs stronger.

Mental benefits

Reverse walking will improve the awareness of the mind and helps in coordination of body and mind. it will make you free from your usual routine of walking and something exciting comes in to picture so you will not get bored. It makes your mind attentive all the time during the walk thus sharpens your thinking skills and increases the cognitive control

Keep these things in mind before starting reverse walking as your routine exercise

If you are trying first time reverse walking and choosing treadmill for this exercise try on slower speeds to avoid any injury. Try to do it first on an open place but make sure the place will be smooth there will not be any potholes animals or people nearby to avoid any injury. If you are doing it inside your house choose a room with no furniture or any rugs otherwise you can get slipped while doing reverse walking. Wear proper shoes so that you would be safe while doing this exercise.