Nutrients for the Good health of Growing Children (3-5 Years)

Growing children requires a lot of nutrients for the proper development. A child diet should be full of healthy carbohydrates, Healthy Fats Vitamins and minerals and fibers. Let’s discuss the full diet plan for 3-5 Years children.

Meal Time                             Meal Option

Breakfast                              Sandwitch/Poha/Toast+Milk

Brunch                                  Soup /Seasonal Fruit

Lunch                                    1 Small bowl of Rice 1 Small chapatti  with seasonal Vegetable

Evening Snack                      Any Milkshake(banana/Apple/Mango) Corn Flakes

Dinner                                   2 Small chapattis with vegetable +A small Glass of Milk

Essential nutrients

1. Carbohydrates- Carbohydrates is required for giving the right amount of energy to the kids and make improvement in their metabolism level. For proper growth a good amount of carbs is needed. We can add different food items in their diet chart like potatoes, honey, Milk, juices, cereals.

2. Proteins- Proteins is most important for proper Growth. It is providing the base for the development of cells and tissues. You can add beans, Milk, meat, Pulses, cheese, Peas and nuts in your kids diet as sources of proteins.

3. Minerals-Minerals like potassium, calcium iron are the main elements for proper growth. It promotes the growth of red blood cells and calcium provides healthy bones and muscles. You can add fruits, vegetables pulses and eggs in the diet chart of your kid for proper growth.

4. Fiber- Fibers are extremely important for healthy digestive system of a child. The addition of oats, apples, Green peas, green vegetables, whole grains provides right amount of fiber to your child.

5. Fats-Healthy fats play an important role in the child growth. You can add butter, Ghee, milk as sources of fat.

Best eating schedule

 Follow a proper timing for meal. Offer your child food at perfect timings and give him food full of nutrition. If your timing will be wrong child will be hungry asking for snacks. Ideally for a toddler meal or snack should be scheduled every 2-3 Hours throughout the day. This will meet his nutritional needs in right amount. The school age child should have a meal plan after 3-4 hours depending upon the activities and overall daily events. Teens should eat after 3-5 hours  depending upon their growth  and activities.