Travel destinations which has Spiritual Significance to visit in India

People in India are having different religions and cultures. The largest religion in India is Hinduism. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian all are having their famous religious destinations. You can find places that are interesting to visit for all followers of religion. Lets discuss the list to find best travel destinations to visit in India.

Best Religious tourism destinations in India

In India majority of the population is Hindu. So there are many places in India who are having spiritual significance of Hindus like temples, jyotirlingas, char dham .

1. Somnath Jyotirlinga, Gujrat– Somnath is a place of great significance in India. It is called the first pillar of light of Shiva. There are 11 more in our country. It has been destroyed by Islamic kings and rebuilt by Hindus kings as number of times. It can be found on the coast of the Arabian sea. It is a beautiful place to visit.

2. Kashi Visawnath Varanasi– it is one of the most famous temple of Varanasi known as golden temple dedicated to shiva . This divine shrine stands tall on the western bank of holy river Ganga and one of the best in twelve jyotirlinga.

3. Rishikesh- Rishikesh is famous holy city for hindus which is surrounded by nature . it is seen as yoga capital of the world. Many people don’t know that the yoga come from a spiritual place. Ganga Aarti is famous to watch for all the spiritual devotees here. Many people enjoy river rafting and trekking activities here.

4. Haridwar-Haridwar is famous for its evening ganga aarti  many people come here to bathe in ganges it is believed that by doing ganaga snan all your sins will wash off. The magh mela is the important festival in haridwar. Ardh Kumbh mela is organised after every six years here maha kumbh is organised every twelve years.

5. Jaganath puri Orrissa- it is an oldest temple dedicated to jagannath Puri temple is famous for its rath yatra . it is one of the char dham of Hindus sites including Rameshwaram, Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri.The temple is sacred to all hindus and worth to watch.

Second majority of population is islam in India there are several important spiritual destinations of them which is having great significance.

6.Hazaratbal Shrine, Shrinagar- this shrine in Kashmir is most important place to watch it is made up with stunning marble and is a piece of beautiful archietecture. It is situated on Dal lake and even hindus are most welcome here.

7. Jama Masjid Delhi- Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India.  It is an attractive place to visit for Hindus and Muslims it is made up of yellow sandstone and white marble. It is situated in Delhi so if you are living in delhi NCR it is place of worth watching.

8. Ajmer Sharif Rajasthan- Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan is most popular place for Muslim in India. Many people believe that it is the place to go if you want that your wishes come true. It is the dargah a shrine built on the grave of a religious figure.

Christian community is also present in India. Nearly 2 to 3% people are Christian. Some Christian spiritual  sites to visit are

9. Goa- Goa is influenced by Portuguese population and there are so many churches in the city worth watching. The architecture of these churches are popular in India. Some churches are famous to the view in the city like Basilica of Bom jesus and the church.

10. Kerala-Kerala is good choice for visiting Christian religious sites. This city has beautiful churches like Santa Cruz basilica. Majority of churches in Kerala follow tradition of Syrian Christians. ST Georges syro Malabar Forane Church is considered to be the biggest church of India.

Sikh population also exists in India some of the famous Sikh sites of religious significance are

1. Golden Temple Amritsar- It is the most famous of religious places of Sikhs in India. it is considered as the most important pilgrimage site for the Sikhs in India . it was built in sixteen century. It was almost completed in 17th century. It is covered with gold from upper side.

2. Hemkund Sahib- it is famous for its structure like it is shaped as pentagon. it has scenic beauty outside this shrine it sits among the  snow covered mountains on a glacier lake. this site is not accessible in winters from October to april so you can visit here in spring and summer.