Best quality Ice Cream Brands in India to give a treat to your taste Buds

Ice Creams are truly a real treat in hot summers. Big parties, small get together or lunch date all are incomplete without ice cream. The interesting flavors, creaminess and sweetness ice cream are favorites for all age group people. You can even pair them with brownies, Gulab Jamun and milkshake. Don’t worry if you are a sugar person many brands today come up with sugar free and natural ice creams these are healthy as well as tasty. So if you are a ice cream lover let’s explore which brands offer your favourite cup of ice cream

Best Ice Cream Brands in India


Mother Dairy

Kwality walls

Baskin Robbins



1. AmulAmul is fast moving consumer goods company based in Gujrat Ice creams of Amul is the first choice for every consumer. Amul Ice creams are made up with finest natural ingredients it simply melts in your mouth leaving a smooth aftertaste. Amul ice creams are made up with Milk sugar and milk powder

Best to buy Amul Real Ice Cream Chocolate Magic makes an undeniably appetizing topping for any ice cream flavor. It has chemical-free ingredients, spoil without the bulge and make low fat and sugar free ice cream. It has a tough chocolate fudge ripple that creates for fun bites. A yummy ice cream pleasure for the whole family is one of the most easiest and flavorful ice cream recipes which are best to enjoy in this summer season

2. Mother Dairy –Mother dairy manufactures milk products like ice cream, paneer, ghee, edible oil and vegetable oil. Mother dairy is headquartered in uttar Pradesh. Mother dairy ice creams are delicious Mother dairy Flavours are so tasty if you want to treat your taste buds mother dairy ice creams are best

Best to buy Mother dairy Crafted  it is Available in three Range

1. Chocolate -Chocolate icecreams with premium cocoa spiced up with beans from latin America and asia

2. Pistachio- Pistachio ice cream are made up with natural unsweetened smooth paste with lightly roasted and finely ground pistachio

3. Almond-Almond ice creams are a fusion of Natural vanilla with seeds fine almonds and delicious salted caramel ripples

3. Kwality walls- Kwality wall the brand with a big heart offers delightful frozen desserts which bring smiles to millions of Indians. it is a part of unilever heart brand family of ice creams sold in more than 40 countries around the world  with different local names

Best to buy So Alphonso Mango- it is made with the goodness real fruit in a delicious creamy dessert every scoop is celebration  real fruit pulp  fruit pieces and fruit sauces

4. Baskin Robbins-It is an international brand formed with a merger of two companies Burt baskin and IRV Robbins. It offers 100 ice cream flavours in 30 countries and in 5800 locations the most popular ice cream flavors are rum raisin , gold medal ribbon

Best to buy Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream –it is silky smooth Cheesecake flavoured ice cream accompanies Cheescake chunks and a spiral of strawberry too much delicious topped with whip cream

5. Vadilal- Vadilal is formed in 1926 by vadilal Gandhi it offers 150 flavours packed in 250 different forms and packs having complete range from candies to cones and bars.

Best to buyVadilal Cassata ice cream cake- it is having 6 layers of flavours and textures soft cake at the bottom  cashews on the top which gives you a nice crunch and little bit of choco chips.

6. Havmor havnor promises high quality ingredients in their ice creams . it gives fresh flavours every season and included kulfi, icecream and family packs

Best to buy Havmore Rajbhog- it tastes royalty with every bite it is designed to give you a feeling of era of kings and queens and their rich flavours having badaam, kaju , pista  cardamom saffron which gives you great taste with crunch in mouth.