Nutritional benefit of eating muskmelon everyday

Muskmelon is best Fruit in summer due to its taste and benefits for our health. It is incredibly refreshing fruit in summer. It is having mild sugary and watery taste which is awesome. It is also referred as sweet melon and named from its strong musky smell. It is best summer fruit and is available in market from April to August. Muskmelon is full of carbohydrates, dietary fibers, Vitamins, minerals Electrolytes which is necessary for healthy body functioning.

Health benefits of eating Muskmelon everyday

1. Hydration benefit– muskmelon contains almost 90 percent water muskmelon will provide enough water to the body to keep it hydrated it also cools the body and protects it against heat.

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2. Immunity booster– muskmelon will improve and strengthen your immune system and make body capable to fight diseases. Muskmelon contains Vitamin C and vitamin A which boosts immunity and your body will be healthy and disease free.

3. Cancer prevention and control – The immune building Vitamin c plays a great role to prevent and fight cancer. It eliminates free radicals produced in body and prevents the onset of cancer. Cancer patients should try to include muskmelon in their diet to fight existing cancer cells.

4. Supports Heart Health– melons are rich in potassium which controls Pressure so keeping your heart healthy. This fruit is low fat and high antioxidant and reduce inflammation in the body and protecting our arteries and in turn heart.

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5. Helps in Digestion– muskmelon contains a good amount of water and fiber content which is good for our digestive system. It helps to prevent constipation. It will help in regulating bowl movement and leaving a cooling effect on your stomach.

6. Promotes skin health – Muskmelon is good for your skin. High amount of Antioxidants can help in purification of skin it is full of skin friendly collagen it is also used to prepare face packs.

7. Helps in weight loss– Muskmelon is low in fat and calories which is beneficial for weight loss. It takes a long time leave your stomach and enters the digestive tract so make you feel full for long time

8. promotes hair growth– Muskmelon is full of Vitamin A can stimulate the production of sebum which helps in keeping hair healthy. You can even apply muskmelon directly as hair mask which will boost your hair health and results in long and healthy hair.

9. Stress buster– Muskmelon is a great stress buster which will make your mind calm it contains minerals such as potassium which is considered as stress relieving food and helps you feel more focused and relaxed.          

10. Good for your eyes– it contains high amount of vitamin A and beta carotene which sharpens your eyesight and reducing the risk of developing cataracts.

11. Ease menstrual cramps– muskmelon has anticoagulant properties which dissolves clots and eases muscle cramps.

12. Prevent kidney stones– muskmelon has an extract called oxykine which has been proven to curing kidney disorders and stones. It cleanses the kidneys with the high water content in it.