Things you should consider while feeding your one year Kid

First year of your child bring both joys and worries for the parents. The main reason for worry is whether their child is growing and developing as quickly as other children. People are often talking about the word their kid first speaks or when they started walking. If your child is not doing same kind of things in the same age you will not be happy. But one thing which is commonly said by people that every child is unique and develops differently. Let’s discuss how you can feed your baby in a good way to ensure good body and muscle growth.

Tips for parents

1. At one your child is learning to eat on her own. A baby can chew his food well and can eat similar food like other family members. When they start eating themselves at first they can be slow and messy help your child to eat most of the food and all the bites should be in his mouth.

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2. You can offer solid foods and healthy snacks for energy and nutrition. A one year child can consume three quarter to one cup of food there to four times a day and one or two snacks between the meals. You can still breastfeed the child if he wants until two years old.

3. You should avoid offering junk foods and soft drinks to your child.

4. You can add dairy products like eggs, milk, meat, boiled chickpeas or peas or nuts or green vegetables and fruits in his diet. Your child snacks should be healthy and delicious.

5. Give your child a lot of encouragement and love during feeding meals. Sit beside him and interact with him and praise him for eating.

6. You have to make sure that he will be hungry during meal times. Don’t offer milk or snacks during meal time. Try different combinations and texture of food so that your child will be habitual of consuming all variety of food.

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7. Always encourage your child but don’t pressure or force your child to eat on a particular time.

8. Be sure that the food is cool enough to prevent mouth burns you can test the temperature of the food yourself and after that offer that food to your baby. Don’t offer over spiced, salted or sweetened food to your baby and these foods can be harmful in the long run.

9.  Offer mashed foods or foods cut in to small pieces to your one year old baby otherwise it can be choked in his throat. Whenever your child eats food he should be eating white seated and under the supervision of an adult. Teach your child the manners of eating as early as possible