Bad Habits which leads to change in menstrual cycle

If you are facing irregular period sometimes it is common to all women. But if you are having very long or short menstrual cycles, cycles changes from month to month or missed periods or having frequent periods after a gap of 15 days only this indicates a serious health issue. Your lifestyle can be a factor which is affecting your period cycle. Having trouble in periods can be a symptom of some bad habits. We should focus on improving these habits otherwise these problems may increase with time.

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Bad habits which affect menstrual cycle

1. Excessive sleeping- if you are sleeping more than 12 hours a day. It will have a bad effect on your menstrual cycle it can be missed for a long time.

2. Frequent weight change- if you are having frequent change in weights it will also affect your periods. Rapid increase and decrease of weight cause many changes in your body which automatically effect your period cycle.

3. Diet change- good health can be achieved through good diet. If you are eating too much of junk food and not consuming healthy food at all it will affect your menstrual cycle. Your periods will never come on time.

4. Birth control pills- many women consume birth control pills to avoid pregnancy. These pills will disturb your period cycle and periods become irregular.

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5. Stress and anxiety-Stress is the cause of every problem in our human body. It is harmful to health as well as menstrual cycle. If you take too much stress your period cycle will get disturb and become irregular

6. Excessive exercise- Excessive exercise interfere with the hormones responsible for menstruation intense exercise if followed with restricted diet it will cause menstrual changes

7. Medicines– excessive usage of certain drugs can disturb your menstrual cycle like blood thinning medications, thyroid medications, antidepressants, epilepsy drugs, chemotherapy drugs.

When to visit doctor

1. Stop having periods for a long time.

2. Sudden development of irregular periods

3. Period cycle which is shorter than 24 days or longer than 38 days.

4. Having long duration of periods

5. Experience bleeding between periods