Don’t ignore these signs it could be early warning signs of Depression

Depression is basically a mood disorder which causes a continuous feeling of sadness, loneliness and loss of interest. It affects how you feel, think and behave and leads to a variety of emotional and physical problems. Why depression is rising among people?  Actually people are facing depression problem due to their stressful life, loneliness, sadness. we cannot conclude one single cause of depression. It can be affected with a variety of reasons it can be caused by stressful life event, divorce, illness and job or money worries. Sometimes different reasons combine and trigger the depression state in a human.

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5 major early signs of depression

1. Loss of interest in day to day affairs- one of the early sign of depression is people start losing interest in day to day activities. It actually feels like for some days you are enjoying one thing and after some days it will irritate you. You will find mood swings all the time and starts over thinking. So if any sign occurred in your day to day life go and take medical help.

2. Not able to focus on things- people will start losing focus on things. They even forget their daily routine things. This will create problems in their life and they can even feel ashamed in their social circle.

3. Lack of appetite – people feels low in energy when they are depressed. Stress and boredom linked to decreased appetite. Anxiety triggers your emotional and psychological changes in your body and affect the stomach and digestive tract which can make you lose your appetite.

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4. Loss of sleep- sleep issues are related to depression. Insomnia is the most common and is estimated to occur 75% of adult patients having depression. Poor sleep leads to worrying and have a negative impact on your mental health.

5. Mood swings- mood swings are the most common sign of depression. People start having negative thoughts in their mind and leads to serious problems. Over thinking and change of moods every time leads to suicidal thoughts in your mind. Check these early symptoms and must visit a doctor for treatment.