Keep these things in mind before buying seven horses painting in home

We must need positive energy at our house and painting of seven horses is considered excellent for the growth of the home. Horses represent strength, success, Peace and progress. Horses are animals which is auspicious in vastu Shastra. Hanging a painting of horses believed to have a positive influence on various aspects of one’s life. Number 7 is regarded as auspicious and running horses depicts speed and growth in life. You have to take care of certain things in mind before keeping the seven horses painting at your home

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1. Direction- You can place the painting of seven horses in living room to decorate your wall and it will also attract positive vibes in your house. If you talk about the best direction the south wall of the house or office is best for placing the painting. This direction is linked with success, fame so if you place seven horses painting here it will be beneficial. If it is not possible to hang the painting there you can choose the east or north wall to place the painting. The North is the direction of wealth and career so placing the painting in north will attract prosperity in the family.

2. As per vastu you should avoid to place 7 horse painting in bedroom, the temple or Puja room, the study room or any walls facing the wash room or the main door, is not recommended. You can keep the seven horses photo in living room and dining hall only.

3. If you want prosperity and success in office you should keep the painting of 7 horses on the south wall of the office. It can also be placed at the reception area. Always make sure that the Painting faces the inside of the house not outside.

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4. Seven horses depicted in blue represent planet Saturn and will invite harmony and peace in your life.

5. Choose the painting according to the size of the room do not buy too small painting for a large room.

6. It is perfect to choose 7 horses photo which shows an odd numbers of horses in it.

7. The look of the wall on which you will hang the 7 horses painting should be clean and graceful.