Famous International Fast Food chains in India

The fast food chains were expanding with speed in from 90s to 2000s generations. Pizza and burger points are opening at new locations quickly and making a place of them in the market soon. The Indian food industry welcomes the international food chains with open arms. Let’s discuss most famous international fast food chains in India.

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1. McDonald’s- McDonalds is famous for its happy meals it is founded in 1940 by Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald in California. It started to new Delhi in 1996. McDonald India is the first ever in world to have a beef free and pork free menu. There are vegetarian and non vegetarian menu available in it. Vegetarian options are MC Alootikki Pizza Mc puff and MC veggie to treat the vegetarians and Lots of fish and chicken option available for non vegetarian.

2. Domino’s Pizza- 30 minutes or free and we always want the order to be late but the delivery is on time. Dominos is famous for its fresh pizza and it will get delivered at your doorstep. It came to India in 1996. There is not a single household left where the piazza for dominos has not been delivered. Pizzas of dominos are yummy and fresh and quite reasonable as well.

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3. Pizza Hut-Pizza Hut is an American food chain it also came to India in 1996 and its first outlet open in Bangalore. It is famous for its wide range of pizzas to creamy pasta.

4. KFC-KFC has first come to india in 1995 in Bangalore. it is famous for its fried chicken .it serves chicken popcorn, chicken tenders, chicken burgers, rice bowls  spicy chicken  apart from non vegetarian it serves lots of options for vegetarian people.

5. Burger King-The burger king entered in India in 2014 and welcomed at large scale in India. It has lots of vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

6. Subway- Subway entered Indian market in 2001 and it offers sandwiches , salads and wraps it has separate station for vegetarian and non vegetarian you can customize the sandwitchs and salads as per your choice common subs are hara bahara kabab, paneer tikka, corn , Shammi kabab which are available at this fat food chain.

7. Nandos-Nandos is a South American fast food chain which are famous for chicken dishes and peri-peri saucesit is launched in India in 2010.