Top Indian Mobile companies in India

Mobile Phones are one of the most selling products online. There are many mobile brands are available in Indian Market some are of Indian brands and some international brands also dominate the Indian market. Let’s discuss some Indian brands of mobile phones if you are interested in buying and promoting Indian products only.  The price range of different mobile phones depends on their display size, camera, battery, connectivity, sound and processor and other features which we definitely consider while buying a perfect mobile phone according to our needs.

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Best Indian Mobile companies

1. Micromax-Micromax is india’s home grown consumer electronics brand. Micromax is a brand which is close to the heart of youth and provide affordable innovations through their product offering. It offers completely made in India products. They are offering high quality mobile phones on a budget . its brand presence in small cities and towns in india and provides two years guarantee updates on products. It will not provide any high end features on the phones.

2. Lava-Lava international limited is a leading mobile handset company in India which has extended its operations to multiple countries across the world. Lava products are available through a nationwide retail network of 1.65 lakh retailers who in turn directly served by over 1000 distributors. Its after sale network is one of the biggest in the country with a close to 800+ professionally managed service centers focused on speed and quality of service.

3. Karbonn Mobiles- Karbonn mobiles is an Indian Smartphone manufacture company which is founded in 2009. It is  a joint venture between united telelinks a bangalore based firm  and jaina marketing pvt ltd which is headquartered in delhi. They provide mobile phones for everyday usage and has a strong presence in rural markets of india.

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4. Iball- Iball is india home grown accessory brand which has almost 100 million users and 5000 trade partners 100000 active retailers and 500+ service centers. it is the new Indian brand which is informed innovative and inspired.iball has huge name in the country for electronic products and accessories for Pc. It has service centers across the country. They are famous for affordable mobile phones

5. Xolo- Xolo is a premium mobile phone brand which is a leading player in Domestic Smartphone market. It will provide various options in under 10k mobile phone price segement which offer fresh design and  updated specification Like Volte 4G, Smart camera and superior Ram which will provide ultimate experience it is a subsidiary of Lava mobiles and having a niche market in small towns and cities.