Best colour combinations in kitchen as per vastu shastra to attract Peace and happiness

Kitchen is the most important part of our house as per vastu. Healthy and nutritious food cooked in clean and best environment of kitchen spreads positive energy in entire house. if we built our kitchen as per vastu the positive energy comes out of it will create an environment of peace and happiness in the house. If kitchen is made up as per vastu guidelines it will have a positive impact in our life. If you choose best colour combinations in kitchen it will lift up your mood and ensure positivity and happiness in your mind. Lets discuss the best color we can do in our kitchen which attracts positivity and peace of mind.

Best colour combinations as per vastu for kitchen

1. Orange- orange colour spreads positivity and harmony in relationships it is considered as best colour for your kitchen as it attracts power and courage. If you want to apply orange colour to kitchen make sure that kitchen is positioned in the south east direction.

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2. Green-  Green is again the colour of peace of harmony it gives a soothing vibe to the kitchen this is the colour derived from nature which has soothing effect to the eyes as well it will provide a peaceful environment at home.

3. White-white colour is for peace and innocence. Nothing is best and pure than white in a kitchen it gives soothing effect and more beneficial in the northwest direction.

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4. yellow-yellow is one of the best colour in kitchen as per vastu shastra. It symbolizes freshness and happy vibe in the kitchen and makes your life will provide freshness and warmth at your home.

5. Pink – pink is the colour of love and purity. Love is a pure feeling  which makes families happy and is a sign of strength and makes beautiful bond between the families..