Signs indicating that your partner is not interested in relationship with you

Relationships today are very tricky. When you are attracted to somebody your body and mind showings signs like butterflies, firecrackers and a long journey of accepting each other. Sometimes there are emotional gaps and two souls don’t want to continue each other. Your partner body and mind again gives you some signs that he is not ready to continue this relationship. Let’s discuss some major signs showing end of relationship two people.

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1. Response- if there is lack of communication between two people indicates end of relationship. If people stop responding to calls, texts and not ready to communicate with each other. it means they are least bothered in continuing this relationship.

2. Meetings- You want to take your partner out with you but he is declining your invitations of any form repeatedly. It means his heart has changed for you and he is no more interested in binding with you.

3. Indication of termination- your partner will continue hurting you and wanted to terminate the relationship and he deliberately gives you this hint many times to end the relationship.

4. Poor treatment- if your partner is treating you badly at many places. It means that this is the end of your relationship. if there is end of respect in your relationship it is the indicator of end of your relationship.

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5. Future plan- if your partner is explaining his future to you but there is no place for you in future it means he is least interested in continuing relationship with you.

6. Indirect communication- if he is continuously ignoring you or facing uneasiness while having communication with you it strongly indicates the end of relationship between you.