How you can apply Law of Attraction in your life- A New start

Everything is made up with energy so the type of energy you put it will come back to you. Law of Attraction tells that you can attract positive and negative things in to your life with your thoughts and actions so if you want to apply law of attraction in your life you have to indicate universe what you want in your life.

1. follow a positive Mindset- just visualize the life you want to live in your dreams like dream about your future Job, Dream home Dream car or showing off your talents to audience. Do this on daily basis to solidify your intentions it will take you one step closer to your reality. Dream about your success imagine you are at higher post in your organization

2. Focus on your future achievements not on lack in present- Always dream about your future expectations not about what you don’t have today. It will put focus on future achievements

3. Always use Positive phrases- don’t add negative phrases in your speech like no or not to state what you want

4. feel happy for what you have today. You should appreciate the good things happen to your life write 3 things you are grateful every morning before you get out of the bed as it will motivate you to start you day with good mood.

5. Meditate everyday-if you want to be way from stress meditate everyday. Sit in a comfortable position close your eyes and focus on your breathing it will make the flow of your thoughts come and go.

6. Change your worries to how things can be corrected- if you will stop worrying the worries will vanish automatically. So many of worries won’t happen but we keep on thinking and taking extra stress of those worries. Time is the best solution and healer. Time has all the answers.

7. Learn to stay positive- it is natural that negative thoughts will come in to your mind along with positive thoughts. Acknowledge them, dismiss them and replace them with positive ones. When you will practice it will become your habit.

8. Create a vision board where you can write what you want to become in your life and place it in you room. Look for the vision board daily inspiration and follow your goal.

9. Make your goals your life. Write down your all expectations from life and make sure you look in to these goals everyday  so that you get focused towards the aim of your life.

10. Keep a track of your progress and work your way up to that particular goal try to devote your time in achieving that goal.

11. Set expectations from yourself and acknowledge your failures reward yourself for your hard work you put in achieving your goals

12. If you need help of anybody straight forward ask them be direct and honest to the people what you need and want from others

13. Motivate yourself – Be a self motivater. Motivate yourself. Repeat these mantras like I am living my dreams, I am a success, I radiate joy. Practice makes the man perfect regular chanting will bring positivity in your life.

If you want positivity in your life think positive and attract positive.