Hey Zodiac Sign follow your true color in your life to get success

Every book written has a story behind it and every zodiac sign has a favorable color to follow in his life. Our life can be more interesting and full of success if we know the lucky color for us. As we all know that all Zodiac signs are ruled by different planet so according to this some colors are favorable in their life. Let’s discuss the true color for each Zodiac sign.

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Aries- Ruled by Mars Aries people are Energetic, aggressive and full of energetic sign. Being a fire sign Aries people are movable and fiery. Red Color has all the elements of energy and mobility and purity which is lucky for Aries people. White and yellow colors are also considered to be lucky for Aries.

Colors should be avoided by Aries- Blue, Black and Green

Taurus- Taurus is a fixed sign of earth element and the ruling planet is Venus. The favorable colors of Taurus are Pink and white. Green color is also lucky for taureans.

Colors should be avoided by Taurus- Yellow and Red.

Gemini- Gemini Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury this is airy sign and dual in nature. The colors which bring luck and positivity in the life of Gemini people are yellow and green. Pink and white are also favorable for Gemini.

Colors should be avoided by Gemini- Blue and Red

Cancer- cancer sign is ruled by moon white Grey silver and cream colors are best for them. Blue is not favorable for Cancer people.

Colors should be avoided by Cancer- Blue

Leo – Leo sign is influenced By sun. Gold Purple and blunt orange color are favorable for Leo. Pastel colors like Pink Blue Beige should be avoided by Leo People.

Colors should be avoided by Leo- Pink, Blue, and Beige

Virgo- Virgo is sixth Zodiac sign and dual nature sign of earth element. Mercury is ruling planet of Virgo. Blue, Green, light yellow and white are true colors of Virgo. Virgo should avoid red color

Colors should be avoided by Virgo- Red

Libra- Venus is the ruling Planet of Libra Zodiac sign. Libra sign is airy and Movable sign. White and light blue colors are lucky for Libra.  Bright colors are best for libra people. Red color should be avoided for Libra people.

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Colors should be avoided by Libra- Red

Scorpio- Scorpio Zodiac sign is ruled by Planet Mars and favorable colors for Scorpio are white red and chocolate colors. Orange and yellow colors are also beneficial to wear for Scorpio. Scorpio people should avoid Blue and Green.

Colors should be avoided by Scorpio – Blue, Green

Sagittarius- The ninth Zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Jupiter is the ruling planet for this sign Dark yellow and orange are favorable for Sagittarius. Cream and green colors are also lucky Sagittarius people should avoid Blue color

Colors should be avoided by Sagittarius- Blue

 Capricorn- it is tenth Zodiac sign which movable sign of earth element. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. The lucky colors of Capricorn are Khaki, Black and Purple. Dark brown and green are also best for Capricorn.  These people should stay away from red and yellow color.

Colors should be avoided by Capricorn- Red and Yellow

Aquarius- Aquarius sign is again ruled by Saturn.  Lucky color for Aquarius people are light Blue and Purple. White and bright colors are also favorable for Aquarius people. However dark blue and green are not lucky for Aquarius people.

Colors should be avoided by Capricorn- Dark Blue and green

 Pisces- The last and twelfth Zodiac sign is Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter this sign is dual natured and fiery sign . yellow and orange colors are best for pieces  pink color is also lucky for Pisces . Dark colors and black color should be avoided by pieces.

Colors should be avoided by Pieces- Black, Dark Bright color