How your teachers can be your Role Models

Teachers being Role Models is not a new concept it is a routine process to inspire students to go in to their field for ages. There are many reasons why students think of teachers as role models. Biggest reason of becoming a role model is the desire to become a role model for students to look up to learn from and to remember for rest of their lives.

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1. Be Humble – teacher’s job is never easy. They have to show their students what is right and what is wrong and admit it. A teacher should be a humble person and cultivate the power of recognizing the importance of education in his students. Teachers make students nation builders and good human beings.

2. Point out the positive– teachers creates a culture in your classroom that rewards kind behavior teachers teach us how you can be constructive before criticism. Pointing out positives before negative and suggestions for improvement.

3. Education and knowledge-Dedicated teachers will make prosperity and success our aims of life. Teachers play a great role in achievement of many people. Effective teachers have unanticipated effects on students lives.

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4. Preparing for future- School cultivate key qualities like diligence, tenacity, and other life skills in us our teachers not only teaching fundamental subjects  but also plays crucial role as they develop our character . They taught us how to control our emotions, ideas and actions to engage in social behavior.

5. Hidden talents- Teachers are our second parents who can judge our hidden talents easily. They are patient enough to evaluate and improve our abilities. They provide us support in realizing our full potential. Sometimes we are not aware of our hidden talents but our teachers know our it. If we are lacking behind they support us and provide us strategies to follow to overcome our difficulties.

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6. Encouragement- Good teachers encourage the students by providing good compliments like Good job, well done keep it up to motivate children. These positive words have strong impact on our children.

7. Motivation and Guidance- Good teachers inspire and motivate students to achieve best in their lives. They support us  boost our confidence and whenever we fail they told us to keep trying until we achieve They provide us guidance how we can choose best course in our life and constantly provide best assistance required for our growth and success.