Best Position for you to sleep comfortable

Sound sleep is important for your body holistic well being. Many people are struggling to get good sleep throughout the night. Sound sleep is important for the growth of body and mind. Our lifestyle plays an important role in determining our sleep quality

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There are three positions in which we can sleep

1. Sleeping on the side

2. Sleeping on the Back

3. Sleeping on the back

Best Position to sleep

1. Sleeping on the Side- Various study shows that sleeping on the side is the best to sleep as it is the most comfortable position for sleeping. While sleeping in this position the spine can remain extended and reasonably natural with the correct mattress.

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2. Sleeping on the back- Sleeping on the back is second most common sleeping position and this position also keeps our spine in a more natural position. It will help you to get out of neck shoulder and back pain that comes from other positions.

3. Worst Sleeping Position- sleeping on stomach / chest can be harmful as it will put extra pressure on your lungs and chest cavity which can disrupt your breathing function.

Best Position to sleep for pregnant women

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1. Sleep on the side- if you are pregnant sleep on your side ideally left is the best position to sleep. Sleeping on left side increases the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the placenta and the baby. If you are facing back problems this position will be beneficial

2. Worst side of sleep for pregnant women- Avoid sleeping on your stomach as your abdomen changes physically and it is very uncomfortable to lie down on your stomach. If you will lie on your back it will cause dizziness and lightheartedness as it will disrupt the transport of blood nutrients to the placenta and your growing baby.