All you need to know about osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease which makes bones weak and brittle. It will become so brittle that it can be fractured by just mild stress on it like bending or coughing. The most common place for the fractures are Hip, wrist and spine it happens when the creation of new bone does not keep up with the loss of old Bone. It will affect men and women of all races . White and Asian women especially order ones who are past menopause are at highest risk.

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Symptoms of osteoporosis

There are no symptoms in early stage some visible symptoms are

1. Back pain

2. loss of height over time

3. A stooped posture

4. Receding Gums

How you can reduce the risk of Osteoporosis

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1. Physically Active- if you want to get rid of osteoporosis and other bone related aliments you have to be physically active all the time. It will regulate your blood circulation and keeps your body strong and fit.

2. Walking and running- if you will do weight bearing exercise like walking and running it will make you strong and durable.

3. Say No to Alcohol- you have to say no to alcohol as it reduces the immunity and will give you more severe problems like heart and liver problems.

4. No Smoking- smoking is a very bad habit and you should quit smoking to avoid heart problems and bone issues .

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5. Having calcium and vitamin D rich diet-  if you will include calcium and vitamin D rich diet it will give strength to your bones

6. Monitor your blood pressure on regular basis- you have to monitor your blood pressure regularly  and check the osteoporosis screenings to know the bone mineral density.

If you are facing continuous high blood pressure problem you have to get screened for regularly for osteoporosis as it may propel the bone aging.