Tips and Tricks to Attract Wealth with Vastu

Wealth generation is an important part of our life. We can’t imagine a good life without having sufficient money.  If you are struggling hard to earn money follow these tips to attract money to your house. We all know that vastu perfect homes attract wealth. Lets discuss vastu tips that can attract money

1. Keep a Money Plant in Green Vase and hang a scenery showing Lush green field or thick forest in the north Zone  this will attract money and better career opportunities.

2. in North vastu Zone ensure Blue is the main colour Avoid red shade. Designate space for kitchen , always avoid to place a dustbin, Broom, Washing Machine and mixer grinder here.

3. A beautiful entrance brings happiness and prosperity and helps in getting individuals value in society.

4. in the west the main colors should be white and yellow you can place a safe here. The west south west is the zone of savings keep this place clean and use as a place for studies you can put valuables and money in an iron safe here.

5. Plants Like Bamboo, Lotus, tulsi are the stand out among others for positive energy and good luck.plants like purple orchids or purple color pots enhance positivity as the color symbolizes wealth.

6. Hanging wind chimes attract wealth to the house . if you want to attract better career opportunities hang paintings of endless path , foreign currency , flying bikes or cars.

7. Make your house organised and clutter free. You can attract positive energy by embracing minimalism in your living space.

8. Money plant is known to bring money and good luck to your home Plant different kind of money plants at your home to attract wealth Jade plant, Chinese money plant, Money Tree, Pothos, and Swiss Cheese Money Plant.