Health Risks Occurred due to excessive use of banana shakes

Banana Shake is a popular drink among children and adults. It is the favorite in breakfast and snack time. it can be easily made with banana and Milk. Experts believe that bananas and milk are not the best combination as bananas and milk are full of nutrition but did not go well with each other lets discuss  side effects of banana shake.

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1. Weight gain- bananas are high in sugar which encourages the excessive weight gain. If you are consuming banana shake on regular basis it will increase your weight with a few inches soon.

2.  Increase in Blood sugar- Banana Shake increase the blood sugar level in your body if you want to keep a check on your blood sugar level  you have to pick less starchier bananas like less ripe bananas with a low GI level.

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3. Constipation- anybody who are having banana shake on frequent basis can experience chronic constipation  so you have to limit the amount of banana shake you will consume on daily basis.

4. Migraines- experts believe that certain chemicals and nutrients which can cause migraines and bananas contain one of those harmful compounds. This chemical tyramine  has been proven  to affect the ways in which migraines develop and bananas contains a good quantity of theta chemical  

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