Arthritis treatment- Small lifestyle changes can improve your Arthritis condition

Arthritis is swelling and tenderness of one or more joints and the main symptom ofd arthritis pain are joint pain and stiffness. Which will get worsen with growing age. People who are suffering from arthritis can improve their general health by doing some basic lifestyle changes and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They have to do the right amount of exercise and abstain from smoking. Chronic discomfort , difficulty

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How you can reduce the risk of arthritis in Young adults

1.  Healthy and balanced diet- if you will keep your weight at a healthy level you have to keep a close watch on whatever calories are consuming in a day you have to include ginger, garlic, Nuts and  fruits  and leafy vegetables in your diet as they will have an anti inflammatory effect and can help in the situation of arthritis. You have to limit the intake of saturated and processed foods if you are suffering from arthritis pain

2. Daily exercise- if you will do daily exercise it will support joint flexibility and strength  you must exercise for 30 minutes a day daily  and if you want to prevent arthritis discomfort you have to do activities like swimming , walking, cycling and more

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3. High heels – if you are suffering from arthritis you have to avoid high heels as heels will hurt your joints and you can not wear them for  long time.

4. Quit smoking- smoking will make the arthritis situation worse and raise the chance of cartilage damage. If you will quit smoking it will be really helpful in arthritis situation.

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5. Healthy body weight- if you will maintain the healthy body weight it will definitely be helpful in arthritis situation it will remove the unnecessary burden on your knees