Popular Shampoos for oily hair available in India

Are you suffering from Oily scalp and Greasy Hair you can try these best and popular shampoos available in India. oily and greasy scalp can be Frustrating to deal with. It may lead to further problems of hair like hair fall and scalp irritation, itchiness and dandruff. It will make your hair sleek and sticks them together which looks less and thin hair. Because of the oily look you have to wash your hair so many times in a week to get rid of the extra oil from your hair. There is no need to worry you can easily get rid of this problem if you will choose the specific shampoo designed according to your hair type. There are several shampoos available in India for oily hair you can choose the best according to your hair type.

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How you can pick the best shampoo for your Oily Hair

1.  You did not find a shampoo according to your hair type but want a shampoo which is a exact match for your scalp.

2.  Avoid the shampoo with hydrating or smoothing properties as these shampoos can lead to oily scalp  you can look for the options who usually do not add moisture to your scalp and help in removing excess oil.

3. You should avoid products that contains harsh chemicals such as parabens , silicons, artificial colours  and harmful dyes and so on.

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Popular shampoos for Oily scalp and Greasy hair

1. Biotique Bio green apple fresh daily purifying shampoo- This refreshing formula is blended with green apple extract, Sea algae and centella  to purify and nourish the scalp and hair with natural minerals and proteins it is a specially PH balanced Formula is gentle enough to use every day. It leaves hair refreshed and full of natural body and shine.

2. L’oreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo- This extra ordinary clay shampoo is designed to rebalance and purify and hydrate oily hair and dry ends. It purifies the dull ends  and leaves hair feeling nourished and hydrated and weightless your hair will look supple and shiny and free flowing. It will provide fresh hair up to 72 hours

3. Pantene Pro –V Lively clean shampoo- Pantene is best shampoo for our hair it cleans hair from root to tip to give you more open hair days.  It revitalizes oily limp hair and transforms in to lively bouncy hair the advanced pro V formula combined with the anti hair fall of fermented rice water leaves your hair fresh and clean.

4. Neutrogena  shampoo- The Anti residue formula- this shampoo has 12 fluid ounce of Neutrogena anti residue clarifying shampoo to help remove up to 90%  of heavy dulling residue caused by shampoos this is basically a non irritating formula gently cleans your hair  and helps boost the volume and make your hair oil free.

5. Wow Skin science Apple cider Vinegar shampoo- This is a premium shampoo totally free of harmful  sulphates and parabens  powered with 100% unfiltered and unrefined apple cider vinegar, sweet almond oil  and argon Oil  it helps in detoxifying hair and scalp clearing buildup caused by dust , pollution  and dead  scalp cells  and styling products.  it helps in checking the dandruff  and flakes for a lighter cleaner and itch free feel.