Things which will Increase Your Blood sugar levels

Diabetes is the most common and growing health concern all over the world. It can be a serious health condition which will lead to blood pressure, Kidney disease and Heart disease. Your blood sugar can rise due to your insignificant activities if you are quite inactive at home your blood sugar level will rise accordingly.

Daily routine shocking things which will increase your blood sugar level

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1. Artificial sweeteners- if your daily diet is loaded with artificial sweeteners so you have to keep a strict watch on whatever you eat.  These artificial sweeteners are full of saccharin and sucralose which will spike your blood sugar level so you have to stick to your healthy eating habits.

2. Lack of sleep –insufficient sleep is linked with high blood sugar levels. So a little sound sleep can help in normal blood sugar levels  if you are not sleeping well it will increase your blood sugar levels.

3. Skipping Breakfast- if you are going to office or any work without having breakfast it will increase your blood sugar level . blood sugar level will be increased after Both Lunch and dinner.

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4. Dehydration- if you are consuming less water in a day it means that your blood sugar level will get increased and is more concentrated.

5. Sunburn – if you are having sunburn the pain causes stress and stress will increase your blood sugar level.

6. Coffee- sometimes if you are consuming coffee without sweetener some people’s blood sugar is extra sensitive to caffeine.

 7. Nose spray- Some chemicals in nose spray can trigger your liver to make more blood sugar.

8. Physical inactivity- Physical inactivity increases the body’s insulin sensitivity and helps the cells remove glucose from the blood and use it for energy people with type 2 diabetes may be able to reduce their dependence on glucose lowering medication and insulin by regular exercise.

9. Stress- if you are overburdened at work or having a family crisis your blood sugar level is through the roof it will increase the cortisol our fight hormone. Stress can be physical sustaining an injury can be related to financial loss  and marriage problems. if you want to distress  and get hormones back under control you have to do 10 deep breaths  five minute walk on daily basis.

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10. Poor dental health- Gum disease has been recognized a complication of Type 2 diabetes unhealthy Gums may actually increase blood sugar levels in the body. Gum disease can increase the risk of infections as well as inflammations  throughout the body which can increase blood sugar levels in your body.