Detox drinks you can consume for a healthy lifestyle

Detox drinks are the basically made up with water and fruit, vegetables and herbs and other natural ingredients which is known to boost your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins from your body. This category includes everything from infused water to juices, teas and smoothie’s coffee and more. As we people are living in polluted environment our body needs regular cleansing. Detoxifying our body is must. The preferred way to detox your body is to choose the right food with a proper diet.  Lets check best combination of drinks to detoxify our body.

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Apple Mix with cinnamon

As per the famous proverb an apple a day keeps the doctor away so if you want to detoxify your body properly try cinnamon and apple mix detox water drink.  cinnamon helps in boosting the metabolism of the body and helps to reduce the body weight. If you want to get the best result. Mix the ingredients and leave it for half an hour before consuming.

Cucumber and lemon Mix

Cucumber is known for its best anti inflammatory properties and keeps your body hydrated.  Lemon water is great for boosting immunity and cleanses the body. We have to mix the ingredients and have itr for better detoxify our body.

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Apple cider with lemon

Apple coder vinegar is best for lot of health benefits so we have to mix cider vinegar and lemon water to fully detoxify our body.

Ginger Mint Mix with lemon

It is the best combination for detoxifying our body . it  works magically on our body.  It is advisable to drink in the morning empty stomach to get the best desired results. You can add grated ginger and sliced lemon in the water to have better immunity and detox the body fully.

Pineapple Lime Mix

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This drink will help you in losing weight it will give a perfect shape to your body.  You have to add pineapple cucumber and mint and will make a great detox combination for your body which will give you the best results.

You can detox your body by having different kinds of tea like green tea, white or herbal tea. You have to  follow some rules like say no to sugar,  and consume organic food and reduce the alcohol consumption. Try these detox drinks at your home and have a healthy body and healthy mind.