Best Scanner available in India for your daily requirements

A scanner is an electronic machine which scan Images printed text handwriting or an object and converts easily in to a digital Image. It is commonly used in offices and homes.  Paper records are no longer necessary as increasing use of technology. If you want to make a paperless workplace you need to convert the paper documents in to online files. It will give you guarantee that you will not miss any important documentation and moreover they are more secure. Best scanner will cost you from 10000 to 40000 rs. Lets discuss best scanners available in indian market.

You can Buy the best according to your requirements like large size scanner or small size scanner large scanners are basically scan documents as large as A3 to Ao large size scanners are best for professional like architect. Small size scanners are scanning the documents that have A4 and letter size. These scanners are best used in Homes and small offices other features which you can look for are color, connectivity , Duplex scanning and feeder type. Lets discuss best scanners available in Indian Market.

1. Canon LIDE300 Scanner- it is a Flatbed Scanner and has connectivity of USB 2.0  and Hi Speed Mini B only. It has scan speed  A4 300Dpi in approx 10 seconds with a resolution of 2400x2400dpi. Its maximum document size is A4/ letter (216x297mm). It has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

2. HP Scan Jet Sheet-Feed Scanner- it is fast affordable and designed to handle everything from simple color jobs to complex workflows. It quickly and reliably digitize larger projects with scan speed up to 40PPM /80ipm and a 50 page Adf.  It is recommended for 4000 pages per day.  It is small in size scans fast and provides reliable results. This HP Scan jet pro is small and slim a modern design perfect for desktop.  You can load 50 pages into an automatic document feeder for fast  scanning needs.

3. Fujitsu Scanner- it is 30PPm Scanning speed model. It has a compact design and supports  Plastic card scanning. It is simple and easy to use design.   It provides excellent quality at great value. It provides High quality scanning at an affordable value.  It has a compact design and saves space . It automatically creates  the most suitable image data for hassle-free scanning 

4. Epson Perfection V39 Scanner- It has 4800×4800 Dpi Scanning. It is USB Powered and having Built-In Kickstand . It has a detachable Lid and can easily Photoscan   It has Epson Easy Photo fix software and improves quality of your scans by removing dust and restoring  faded colors and Correcting backlight.

 5. Hp Sheet Fed Desktop Scanner- This scanner is designed to scan documents with duplex scanning. It is flatbed and handheld. The sensing medium of this scanner is an electronic light sensing integrated circuit known as a charged couple device. It is slim, small and contemporary in design. It has an automatic document feeder and it comes with a warranty of one year.