Popular Honey Brands Available in India

Due to its many advantages, honey is a product that many Indian households use frequently. It is a delightful natural sweetener that is particularly effective in curing ailments. Honey is the perfect choice if you want to get rid of a cough or cold or add a lovely glow to your skin. As the market’s demand for honey expanded recently, the rate of adulteration increased in comparison to earlier years. It is crucial to eat high-quality honey because consuming false or contaminated honey may negatively impact your health. Consuming honey has several advantages because it is full of antioxidants, which will shield you from free radicals and chronic diseases. It possesses a wide range of antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

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Best Honey Brands available in the market

1. Dabur Honey – The best and purest honey available for eating. You can help manage your weight and reduce your size in 90 days by combining one spoonful of Dabur Honey with warm water each morning. All 22 of the FSSAI’s requirements for testing honey are strictly met by this honey. Additionally, as required, it is LCMS-MS analyzed for the absence of any antibiotics. In addition, the FSSAI tests it by IRMS for no added sugar and by SMR for no rice syrup. It will aid in boosting your immunity because it is high in anti-oxidants.

2. Zandu Honey- Scientific research has shown that Zandu Honey, an indigenous blend of sunder ban honey and tulsi, provides increased antioxidants and improved immunity. Its purity is 100% guaranteed to be without any hazardous substances. It can be used to lose weight and keep good lipid levels up, cough. It has undergone testing in a private German laboratory, with reports of all accessible batches’ sugar addition tests. It is a pure and unique blend of tulsi and sunder ban honey, with a pure and distinct flavour and thickness that can only be experienced.

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3. Natural Honey- Natural honey is gathered from India’s untamed forests, which are devoid of pollution, pesticides, antibiotics, and other kinds of toxins. It is made entirely of natural honey and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is provided in plastic jars and contains honey that has been harvested from various floral areas. It is the ideal sweetener for most drinks and desserts. The FSSAi has approved the product.

4. Saffola Honey Active- Saffola Honey Active delivers the goodness of Honey for your active life and is 100% Pure and Natural with no Sugar Adulteration. It is natural honey that is rich in antioxidants and a natural immunity enhancer. To ensure that Saffola honey active is free from any adulteration, it must adhere to 22 strict FSSAi criteria. It provides a variety of nutrients for your household.

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5. Floresta Flora Acacia Exotic Honey- it is raw honey extracted from the beehives hidden in the deep forests of the Himalayas across the jammu and Kashmir.the honey in the bottle is pure essence of flower necter collected by the beekeepers.. it is the purest form of honey . traditional ayurvedic experts recommend honey from cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart.

 6. VIDYAMI Natural NEEM RAW Honey – It is a natural blood purifier and antibacterial, therefore diabetics can use it without fear. Neem honey can help people lose weight and reduce fat deposits on their bodies. It is a natural antibiotic and the finest blood purifier. It functions as a medication for the human body, particularly during periods of changing weather. This is a full food and a balanced diet because it is a natural source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It effectively treats wrinkles and pimples. It can be included in facial masks to promote natural beauty.

 7. Nature’s Nectar Raw Organic Honey- It’s all organic. Honey from the sunderbans’ pristine tropical woods is harvested under strict guidelines to ensure its natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional benefits and to ensure that it meets international quality standards. It is regarded as a healthy option. It has undergone MNR testing for chemicals and adulteration. For the past 25 years, Nature’s Nectar has been India’s top honey exporter.