7 Bengali sweets you can add in your desert section for parties

West Bengal of India is best known for its elaborate pujas, food, seafood and mainly sweets. A full meal is incomplete without sweets. Bengali people love their sweets and offer such a variety of sweets you can relish the taste at any occasion.  If you are going at any Bengali buffet sweets are at one of the first counter you can see. Let’s discuss the best Bengali sweets you can cherish and can add in desert section of your parties.

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1. Rasugulla- Bengali rosgulla is a syrupy desert and quite popular in the eastern part of south asia.  It is actually ball shaped dumplings of chhena and semolina dough which is cooked in light sugar syrup which is made up of sugar.

2. Sondesh- Sondesh is a Bengali sweet dish which is made up of chenna or paneer which is also known as Indian cottage cheese it is sweet and moist in taste making and it is a perfect dish to serve as a desert or a snack. You can made it in variety of tastes. You can add cardamom powder, cashew nuts, ghee, khoya and sugar to enhance the taste of this sweet dish.

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3. Rajbhog- it is a desert which is very popular in Bengal and made during festivals and special occasions.  It ia made with cottage cheese and mix of crushed dry fruits and saffron. It is a delightful recipe which is quite similar to rosugulla. It has delicious stuffing in the center that can be made with dry fruits, saffron , cardamom and so on.

4. Payesh- it is a tasty Bengali desert made with milk, rice, sugar and ghee along with spices cardamom and bay leaf and also dry fruits and nuts. It has different variants like Gurer payesh which is made with jiggery and chhenar payesh which is made with chhena

5. Amriti-. Similar to jalebi it is best sweet dish of Bengali people it is designed in spirals with decorative curlicues around the edges. This sweet dish is made from ground dal, sugar and cardamom which are fried in ghee.

6. Moa-Moa is a delicious dry concoction made out of jiggery, puffed rice and ghee which is assembled together and shaped in to a round ball structure. It is seasonally available and one of the tasty dishes available you can ever try. It is loaded with dry fruits and nuts. it can be made with muri or khoi.

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7. Kalo Jam-it is very much similar to famous gulab jamun and made with flour, milk cardamom and then deep fried shaped in to spheres these fried dumplings will be soaked in to sugar syrup before serving. it has dark colour almost black and is considered very delicious in taste.

Are you fond of eating Bengali sweet dishes? Which one is your favorite dish? Tell in comment section below