All Time favorite books for kids

Kids are fond of listening and reading the stories of their favorite cartoon characters. It must be fairy tales or another set of reading books let’s find out the best you can buy for your kid.

Top All time favorite books for kids

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1. Vikram and betal- vikram and betal stands out to be the most important ingredient in the literary compilation of the country. These tales are essentially based on the wisdom and judgment of king vikramaditya  out to catch betal . With every answer betaal flies back to his adobe and that  weaves in to another tales of human characters. These stories tells us  the various strengths and weakness of the human mind and aim to develop an understanding of the same in the readers.  

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2. Aesop Fables- it is a fabulous collection of forty two stories with a different moral lesson of great value. It is based of stories which generally has animals as characters conveying morals of life in simple quite terms.  It offers moral values on various aspects of life such as lust, greed kindness and blessings, appreciation flattery and admiration. this book comprises several true to life colorful pictures and a list of difficult words picked from each story and their meaning to enhance the vocabulary of the readers.

3. Sheikh chili- little children  have hopes and dreams in their little eyes their innocence helps them to travel beyond logic  and reasoning in to world of dreams  the world of fairies and far away lands. It ahs collection of all beautiful stories that make up a Child’s fantasies.  it enable the special bonding between the parents and children when they read it together.

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4. Leaves of humility- dhaani was the luckiest leaf of the old peepal tree. She was on the topmost branch and could easily touch the clouds. When she grew older, she became arrogant of her position. Dairy another leaf warned her for her behavior but she did not listen to anyone.  Finally one day dhani realized her mistake and apologized what made change in her attitude? How did the arrogant Dhani learn the lessen of humility.

5. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home – Three children’s books called The Gopi Diaries are about a dog named Gopi. The first book, Coming Home, starts with Gopi arriving at his new residence and details his integration into a devoted human family. The narrative has a distinctive flavour because of how gopi views the world and the people in his life. Even if it is delivered from the perspective of a dog, the fundamental value will be conveyed.