Popular carpool and ride share Apps in India

You may be making several excursions during the day, but you may not have the money to constantly hire a private driver. You can choose to rideshare or carpool with anyone. It will enable you to split the cost of the journey with other passengers in the same manner. Your shoulders will be less stressed during the journey as a result. Let’s talk about the applications that provide ride-sharing and carpooling services.

Benefits of carpooling

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There are so many benefits of carpooling over other means of transport as it is usually more affordable, especially for longer distances. it is also more eco friendly as sharing a car means there will be fewer cars on the road, and therefore fewer emissions . it is also a safe way to travel in the current times as few people travel in cars so you have fewer points of contact and there is less risk than other travel options.

Popular Carpool and ride share apps

1. BlaBlaCar- NO matter where you are going, by bus, or carpool, find the perfect ride from the wide range of destinations and routes at low prices. You can easily book the ride at mobile app or blablacar.com app just search the destinations , choose the date you want to travel and pick the carpool which suits you the best.  Some rides can be booked instantly while other requires manual approval from the driver.  Either way booking a carpool ride is fast, simple and easy. This carpooling app is currently active in Mumbai, Kolkata delhi, Hyderabad , bengaluru and Chennai.

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2. sRide- sride is another growing app which offers carpooling options in cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Hyderabad , pune , Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore , Coimbatore, bhuvneshwar and others. You can easily find a ride and carpool on go using sRide.  You can even have up-to-date recommendation and notification with srider’s advanced engine and know about the rides near you. You can even enjoy cashless payment option for all your carpool rides.

3. Uberpool-  it enables you to share the ride with the passengers  with similar pickup and destination. This service is currently available in cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad ,Chennai,Kolkata,bengaluru, Ahmadabad,Patna, Coimbatore , tirupati, bhuvneshwar and Vijayawada, vadodara.  These services are cheaper  than taking an individual ride.

4. Olashare- Ola share pricing are constantly set, and payment must be made before to the start of the journey. It will allow users to reserve and travel in a cab with other commuters they can trust. Wherever you go, simply say “ola.” It is accessible in major American cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. It is also accessible in nations like Australia and New Zealand.

5. Quick ride- It provides commuters with a comfortable and safe trip, and using the app is simple. You may monitor your ride’s progress and determine your location with respect to your destination. It is renowned for providing the top cab services. It offers the lowest costs available.