Popular cheese brands available in India

We all enjoy cheese, and it makes food ten times more delicious and savory. Cheese will make any food, including your favorite pizza, healthier and ten times tastier for you. It is a fantastic source of vitamins and protein that are good for your health. Let’s talk about the top cheese brands on the market.

Top cheese brands available in the market

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1. Amul- Amul has variety in cheese it is also known as the finest cheese and ghee manufacturers in India. This cheese is made up with the finest quality of graded cow and buffalo milk and having a high nutritional value. The cheese cubes can be accompanied with lot of dishes like pizza, pasta and sandwiches. It is affordable and quality is awesome. It has long shell life and comes in variety of fresh and versatile cheese.

2. Britannia – Britannia is popular for bakery products such as bread, cakes and buns and Rusk. Britannia cheeses are made up with pure cow/buffalo milk which adds richness to it. It tastes great and having a nice aroma. It has authentic flavour and yellow in colour. It is rich in calcium and a perfect blend of richness.

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3. Gowardhan cheese- Gowardhan processed cheese is full flavor cheddar cheese made up from 100% pure cow milk which is available in 200gm, 400gm, 1 kg and 2.5 kg for institutional packs. This cheese has a high melting point so that you can make variety of dishes in it. It has a creamy texture and quite affordable

4. Mother dairy cheese- mother dairy is one of the largest supplier of diary and processed foods brands in India. it makes paneer, cheese, ice creams, curd etc. this cheese is made up with high quality milk and is rich in protein and calcium. It has a melty, creamy, gooey texture and a good source of protein it has no added preservatives and quality is awesome.

5.  Go cheese- this cheese brand is an initiative of Maharashtra based parag milk foods. It is started in 2009 and has a range of cheese products in innovative flavor combinations. This cheese is high in calcium and an essential nutrient for your bones teeth and organs. A high diet in calcium can prevent the onset of bone disorders later in life.

6. Acres wild- it is homegrown brand of cheese if you are looking for the best rand in cheese you can check out this one. It is made up with the best quality cow milk and having a great texture and taste. It is yellow in colour and having a nice aroma. It has a salty and creamy taste which is liked by everyone. It has good variety of cheese like liquid cheese, mozzarella, ricotta and halloumi cheese in this brand.  It has authentic taste and flavor and a great creamy texture.