All you need to know about the vitamin D deficiency in body

Frequent headaches, feeling dizzy and low immunity are significant cause of lack of vitamin D in your body . If you are facing vitamin D deficiency it will impact your bone health as well. Expert’s advice that you should check your vitamin D test at least once in six months. Vitamin D is a unique vitamin which is produced in our skin in response to sunlight.

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Vitamin D deficiency signs

1. Low immunity- frequent infections lower immunity it is the result of vitamin D deficiency

2. Less bone density- your bone density will be low if you are having low vitamin D.

3. Depression- depression is also the symptom of deficiency of Vitamin D   deficiency

4. Muscle pain- if you are feeling tired and fatigue every time it is due to the decreased deficiency of vitamin D in your body.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Vitamin D is known to boost bone health .  Vitamin D helps with the absorption of both calcium and phosphorous, both good for bone health and growth so it will maintain a proper balance between calcium and phosphorous.

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2. Helps manage the depression- it is important for your overall health.  It will uplift your mood it will manage your mood and sleep cycle. The vitamin d supplementation has shown an improvement in some symptoms of depression.

3. Immunity booster- Vitamin D will improve your immunity and protects you against the infections.

4. Diabetes control- vitamin D is associated with maintaining the function of insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas and improves the insulin sensitivity.

5. Healthy heart- vitamin D is known for making healthy and strong muscles. So if you will increase intake of foods rich in vitamin D may have heart protective effects.

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Natural source of vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally found in sunlight. You may get the natural vitamin every day if you spend at least 20 minutes in the morning sun, stroll in the sunshine, read a book outside, or just sunbathe. The best source of vitamin D is fish, which is relatively low in fat. Again, the best sources are sardines, salmon, and tuna. Vitamin C is also abundant in egg yolks. Mushrooms, milk, yogurt, tofu, soybeans, and cheese are vegetarian sources.