Top Tofu brands available in India

In India, tofu is a major protein source. It is quite popular among vegetarians. It is manufactured from soybeans and is high in protein, iron, and calcium. It is a versatile, high-protein staple dish with a rich cultural heritage. It may be used in salad dressings, smoothie thickeners, and as a substitute for animal protein. Let’s talk about the greatest tofu brands in India.

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Best tofu brands available in India

1. Urban Platter firm tofu- this is a perfect tofu which is dairy free, lactose free alternative to paneer, making it perfect  for people who are looking a vegan friendly alternative. This tofu is shelf stable which means it does not require refrigeration. It is made with Non Gmo soybeans and is power packed with proteins. It is made up with natural ingredients to bring you the best health and nutrition.

2. Moringa silken tofu- it is low fat, heart healthy vegetable protein for entrees and deserts. It is a great alternative to eggs and dairy. It needs no refrigeration until opened. It is diary free, gluten free vegan kosher long shell life.

3. Desi treat soya paneer- it is rich in fiber and nutrients and having no added preservatives. It has 15 months of shell life and sufficient for 4 people. It is high in vitamins and minerals and packed with protein and all nine amino fatty acids. It helps in weight loss and alternative to eggs, dairy and meat.

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4. Nutri vita freeze dried fine Tofu- it will prevent obesity and helps lose weight and extremely low in cholesterol and fat content. Regular consumption of tofu helps reduce the risk of getting a stroke and other cardiovascular diseases and reduce bad cholesterol levels. It is an excellent source of iron ,calcium and protein.

5. Pure diet soy paneer- it is high in protein and rich in iron and calcium. It has to be kept in chilled and rich in proteins. It has no cholesterol and gluten free and lactose free. It is low cholesterol and healthy variant of paneer.