Popular Fashion Magazines available in India

Magazines are best known for authentic content for a long time in India. These magazines include news, current affairs, women’s interest, travel, education and health and fitness and business. Let’s discuss the best magazines available in India

1. Vogue- vogue India Magazine is an Indian edition of vogue and the world’s top best fashion a magazine for women.  Its subscription is open for all.  It is a monthly magazine and covers topics of fashion, beauty, culture lifestyle and much more. It helps you to keep updated about the latest trends and future trends in the fashion Industry.

2. Elle – elle is a global women’s magazine of French origin that combines fashion and beauty content with culture, society, and leisure. The tile means “she” or “her” in French, and it is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 45 editions worldwide and 46 local websites.

3. Harper bazaar magazine- it is an oldest and constantly published magazine in the world. it is the largest fashion magazine in the world and believes itself to be the style source for women who are the first to buy the best from casual to couture. It tells us about the fashion tips and celebrity style fashion, travel, beauty tips and ideas on outfits

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4. Femina magazine- Femina is the country’s first and most widely read women’s English magazine; it has been expressing the spirit of the Indian woman for 58 years and has not only accompanied but also developed with her. It’s jam-packed with current fashion trends, beauty, health, fitness, travel, food, culture, and job information. Femina Magazine is aimed towards modern and youthful Indian ladies.

5. Women Era magazine- Women era magazine is an Indian origin magazine of women. it is inspiring the modern women of india . it is women centric and lifestyle magazine which offers a wide selection of articles which covers all the spheres of life with fashion news , cookery, movie and book review , health relationships , beauty and lifestyle  travel and technology with current events.

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6. Man’s world magazine- it is india’ men;s first luxury lifestyle magazine. It  updates information regarding  containing trends , tips, advice, and news and covering other aspects of their lives  including fashion, lifestyle, cars, sports, etiquette, books , films and television , theater , food and music travel and experience.

7. FHM India Magazine- it is an Indian edition of the British monthly men’s lifestyle called FHM. high profile names are published on the magazine cover which includes  top models,  actresses and singers. They are now doing concept based celebrity shoot and covers the dating tips, trends in the fashion industry, viral news , life hacks , sports and entertainment for men.