Best Romance Books you can add in your library

Reading romance books while snuggling up in bed with a cup of coffee is the ideal way to spend a peaceful day. With their tales of love, life, and grief, authors like Ruskin Bond and Chetan Bhagat have sent millions of hearts aflutter. Nothing can be improved by a good romance novel, not even timeless classics or modern adventures. Let’s discuss the best romance books you can add in your list.

Best romance books you can buy

1. it ends with us- In the story It Ends With Us, Lily, a young woman who was up in a tiny village in Maine, relocates to Boston in order to launch her own company. As the plot develops, Lily begins to fall in love with Ryle Kincaid, a handsome neurosurgeon who is confident and obstinate but also compassionate and intelligent. She also wonders what led him to be this way in the first place as Lily breaks his “no dating” rule.

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2. Half Girlfriend –On the campus of renowned St. Stephen’s College, Bihari boy Madhav, a Hindi-speaking Bihari, falls in love with Riya, a powerful Delhi girl. This is the story of Half Girlfriend. While Riya is from a higher class than Madhav, they both have distinct lives. Madhav comes from a middle-class household. Madhav asks her to marry him, but Riya declines since she just sees them as friends. Half Girlfriend is a young adult romance book with a plot that is set in a variety of places, including Bihar, Delhi, and New York.

3. Pride and Prejudice-Pride and Prejudice is a satirical satire on life in the eighteenth century, unravelling a romantic conflict between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. To Elizabeth’s dismay, Darcy comes off as a haughty and disagreeable guy during their first encounter. However, as time confronts them in new circumstances, they begin to wonder if their relationship is really meant to be.

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4. All I have is love-If there was one thing in which Inaaya took great pride, it was the abundance of love with which she had been endowed. She endures a protracted period of self-denial after the terrible death of her parents in a car accident. She resolves to start again and launches the Urban Greens business after collecting the broken parts of her life.

The energetic and young director of Lifeline Hospital is Agasthya. He makes the decision to give Urban Greens a chance, but he can’t help but fall for Inaaya’s alluring smile and her kind cuddles with sick youngsters in the pediatric department. Will their love prevail when they’re caught in a whirlwind of feelings and difficulties at a crossroads in their lives?

Explore the whirlwind of emotions in tightly guarded hearts via the simple, yet honest, portrayal of larger-than-life individuals.

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5. Me Before You-Me Before You is a grand love story about two individuals who don’t have anything in common. Louisa Clark is an average young woman who leads an even more ordinary existence inside the confines of her peaceful hamlet. She accepts the position of Will Traynor’s carer when the café where she works closes. Will, who was injured and is now confined to a wheelchair, is a bit cranky, domineering, and sarcastic.