Popular headache balms available in India

If you have a headache or other aches and pains, you want to get a pain relief balm that will perform well. Using headache cream is the simplest technique to relieve a headache. We have a selection of some of the most well-liked, budget-friendly solutions that are worthwhile.  So avoid taking medication the next time you get a headache. Just put some balm on

Popular balms for severe headache problem

1. Tiger balm – Tiger Balm uses tried-and-true Asian knowledge to promote health and wellbeing. No one should, in our opinion, be prevented from living a full and active life by aches, pains, and other minor discomforts. To meet your specific needs, Tiger Balm’s renowned ointment is being formulated into a number of compositions, whether it is for headaches and colds, rheumatic or arthritic issues, or muscular strains and pains. Over the past 100 years, the Tiger Balm ointment has been successful in about 100 different nations. Tiger Balm is a therapy created with your age and lifestyle in mind and has been tried, tested, and trusted for years.

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2. Himalaya balm- The most reputable healthcare brand in India is Himalaya, a pharmaceuticals firm founded in 1930. Since the balms contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics, they provide immediate pain relief when applied topically. They can also be used to treat sciatica and rheumatism.

3. Patanjali balm- One of the most reputable healthcare brands in the Indian market today is Patanjali, which has gained popularity in recent years. The business was established in the year 2006. Strong ayurvedic balms from Patanjali offer quick relief from headache, body soreness, and migraines. They work for a very long time and are suited for all skin types.

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4. Amrutanjan balm- Most likely the oldest business on this list is Amrutanjan. One of India’s most reputable healthcare companies is the pharmaceutical and healthcare firm, which was founded in 1893. Amrutanjan balms, which provide prompt relief from headaches and migraines, are created by scientifically fusing several herbs and essential oils. Additionally, they provide immediate relief for physical pains brought on by colds, stress, and tension.

5. Zandu balm- India’s No. 1 and trusted ayurvedic balm with more than 100 years of expertise in pain relief. The  balm is non- greasy and penetrates swiftly into the affected areas to help deliver quick and long-lasting relief from pain. It is  and fast remedy for Headaches. Body Pain, Muscle Pain, Sprain and Cold. It contains ayurvedic ingredients like Menthasatva – treats common cold and headache, Eucalyptus – eases joint pain, Gaultheria oil – pain and inflammation reliever and Mentha – has cooling effect to soothe the infected area.

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6. Blue Nectar Destress Oil Roll On- this soothing and relaxing meditation oil that contains 9 vital Ayurvedic herbs that may be helpful in case of Migraine, headache or stress. It is infused with anti oxidants, this nutrient enriched oil is a great companion for entire day to carry on the day to day work without getting impacted by Migraine, headache or stress. It is 100% Ayurvedic and having no side effects.