Whatsapp’s New Features You Need To Know In 2023

WhatsApp is the first social networking programme that comes to mind, with over five billion downloads and counting. It makes sense why it is a well-known brand in the society of today for texting. There are a number of beneficial features in Whats App that one should make use of for a better experience as it continues to get better over time and really by the day. Here are the updated Whats App features you need to be aware of in 2023.

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Lets discuss the best features of whats app you must know in 2023

1. 2 step verification- This is a brand-new WhatsApp feature you need to be aware of. The 2-Step Verification Feature was just recently launched as a security safeguard to prevent user data from being stolen by forcing users to enter a six-digit passcode for further verification. You will be prompted to provide the passcode when registering on a new device. One of the highly suggested features for improved data security is the two step verification feature.

2. Editing of messages- Messages can now be changed on WhatsApp. Instead of having to delete the message and send a new one to correct typos, it is now possible to edit the text. It’s vital to bear in mind that messages can only be modified within 15 minutes of sending. After editing, the message will be labelled as “edited” in the chat.

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3. sharing of best quality photos- WhatsApp has long made it difficult to share clear, high-quality photos because the programme constantly compresses them. On WhatsApp, users may now choose to transmit pictures in their original dimensions. I’m sure you were interested in learning more about this new WhatsApp function.

4. Status of voice message-On WhatsApp Status, a new feature is voice messages. One can now submit voice messages as an alternative to better convey what’s on their mind or how they feel. In WhatsApp’s status area, look for the pencil icon. Tap the microphone icon and hold it down to record a voice message. WhatsApp voice status now has a 30-second time limit.

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5. Companion mode-You absolutely need to be aware of this new WhatsApp function! Companion Mode has finally been added to WhatsApp after much anticipation and high consumer demand. With the help of this feature, up to four Smartphones can use WhatsApp at once. With chats backed up and updated across the connected devices, using WhatsApp on an Android and an iOS smartphone simultaneously is now effortless.

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6. Mute unknown callers- Another new WhatsApp feature that has recently gained popularity is this one. These days, scammers with overseas phone numbers have discovered a way to reach users of the instant messaging service through WhatsApp calls, which has caused a lot of customers’ problems. Some individuals have actually fallen victim to these scams. To combat this issue, WhatsApp has developed a tool to hush unknown callers which immediately silences calls from unknown dialers. You only need to go to settings and select privacy. Now scroll down and press the same option to silence unauthorized callers. The toggle for this feature must be turned on. You can block the unknown number entirely from WhatsApp by reporting it.