Popular eye shadow palettes you can add in your make up kit

If boring eyes make you groan, all you need to do is pull out a brush and start dabbing at an eye shadow pallet. Naturally, the colour scheme you use to draw attention to your eyes should offer more than just a variety of lovely hues. An eyeshadow should be four things: long wearing, richly pigmented, easily blendable, and non-creasing. Lets discuss the popular eye shadow palettes you can buy for yourself.

Types of eyeshadows

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1. Powder eyeshadow- The powder eyeshadow is versatile and comes in a dual or multiple set as solitary colours. It comes in two varieties: pressed powder and loose powder. Both include potent pigments that spread quickly with the touch of a finger. It is perfect for women who are constantly on the go because of the last part.

2. Liquid eyeshadow- Think stylish packaging and plush brushes when you think of liquid eyeshadow. Avoid using this formula if you have oily lids since it has a tendency to crease easily. We suggest this product to makeup professionals because it dries and sets more quickly than you can blink and open your eyes.

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3. cream eyeshadow- The creamy solution is available in pencils, tubes, crayons, and pots, and it can be applied in a variety of ways. The lone defect? On days when the sun seems harsh, you might want to leave this guy behind as creamy eyeshadows aren’t sweat- or waterproof-proof. When you want nothing less than a vibrant colour payoff, choose these for your upcoming celebration.

4. Glitter eyeshadow- This formula, the sparkly one in the eyeshadow family, instantly raises your glam factor. Metallic and glittery colours are ideal for those drunken cocktail nights. To ensure that the glitter stays on your lids longer, apply a coat of primer first.

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Lets discuss the best ones you can buy for your personal usage

1. Swiss beauty ultimate shadow palette-6 – You’re only dabbling in the shadowy waters, then. Choosing the Swiss Beauty Ultimate Shadow Palette, which contains the absolute must-have colours, will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. A variety of soft neutrals, seductive smokeies and brilliant pops will take you from your desk to the bar. These shades are highly pigmented and lightweight for a simple one-stroke application on lids.

2. Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette- Lakme is consistently ranked among the top cosmetics companies in the nation. The mattes and shimmers’ extended-wear formula lets the makeup last for a long time.You can select a palette from among four variations: Soft Nudes, Pink Paradise, Coral Sunset, and Midnight Magic. This palette is inexpensive without sacrificing the quality of the shadows or the range of shades. These colours are amazing, and there are countless colour combinations.

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3. Sugar blend the rules eyeshadow palette- Looking for a masterpiece palette to bring out your inner makeup artist’s creativity? Please welcome the SUGAR Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette. It features exceptionally smooth and exceedingly simple to blend high-performance mattes, extra-creamy metallics, and high foil powders. To hit the tray of colours and play up your lids, it also comes with a dual-ended applicator with a blending brush at one end and a doe-tip sponge at the other.

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4. Colorbar Nude eyeshadow palette- The Colorbar Nude 12 Eye Shadow Palette has colours with a smooth, blendable texture that eminently melt into skin and let your inner diva go. It adheres to the skin for maximum coverage and great colour payoff, and it contains light-reflecting pearls for strong shimmer. Improved still? Having no parabens, mineral oil, or other preservatives means you can trust this cruelty-free palette.

5. Huda crush beauty eye shadow palette- The Huda Crush Beauty Eyeshadow Palette features 60 colours, allowing users to create a wide variety of styles. Because the intensely pigmented shades may combine a range of tones, from dusty mauve matte to lavender shimmers, your eyelids will acquire a new depth. Perspiration cannot remove them because they are waterproof. The soft, creamy powder might stay on your eyes for a longer duration. The parts are cruelty-free and protect your eyes from injury. You may achieve perfectly formed eyes with the help of this eye shadow, which is easy to apply.