Top Neet Books you can follow qualifying the exam

You can achieve your goal of enrolling in one of India’s top medical schools by taking the NEET Exam. This test, which places a strong emphasis on physics, biology, and chemistry in particular, is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). If you’re unsure of where to obtain them, here is a list of the best NEET test preparation books.

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The National Eligibility and Cumulative Entrance Test, or NEET, is a college entrance exam necessary for enrollment in medical programmes including MBBS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, and other courses of a similar nature. You can ensure your entrance to prestigious government-owned and private medical colleges in India by passing this exam.

1. Concept of Physics Part 1 -This book is the first in the most well-liked NEET preparation guide series. Written by H.C. Verma, it discusses the majority of physics topics, including a full introduction and ideas like friction, force, kinematics, rest and motion, and many more. It is broken up into 22 chapters that go into great detail on each subject. The greatest book for NEET preparation is this one because it thoroughly explains all the fundamental concepts and information about physics.

2. Concept of Physics part 2- With 25 thorough chapters that cover a variety of physics fundamentals; it is one of the best physics books for the NEET test. The book contains comprehensive descriptions of a wide range of other topics, such as the kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics, heat transfer, magnetic fields, electric currents, sound waves, and many more. High school students should read this book, which can also be utilised as a study aid for competitive exams like the IIT-JEE. This theoretically continues the Concepts of Physics series.

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3. Problem in general Physics – Irodov’s Problems in General Physics is one of the greatest NEET books for young aspirants and the best resource for exam preparation. By delving further into critical analysis, this book puts your knowledge and logical constraints to the test. Its framework is easy enough for anyone to understand, and each chapter features a pool of 400–500 difficult questions that will help you understand the material and build your confidence.

4. Objective NCERT for biology NEET-AIIMS-The ideas in biology are the main subject of this NCERT textbook. It thoroughly explains everything and is geared for high school students. The book is one of the greatest biology books for NEET exam preparation because it properly explains the most difficult concepts. Along with practise papers for each module, it offers a bank of 100 MCQs and theory on topics including anatomy, biological classification, movement, chemical coordination, reproduction, evolution, and more.

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5. Concise inorganic chemistry- the greatest chemistry book for NEET preparation, Concise Inorganic Chemistry, delves into great detail and simplifies the principles. It will aid in your comprehension of chemistry because it has an equal mixture of theory, facts, logic, and experiments. The book is divided into six sections to help reader’s better concentrate on and explore each subject separately.