All you need to know before Purchasing a Perfect Bra for you

A Perfect Bra can make your entire outlook and bad Bra can destroy it completely. So you have to be aware while choosing perfect size bra for you. Many women in entire world don’t know what the perfect kind of bra is for her. They are wearing uncomfortable bras that dig in to their skin or slip off from their shoulders and creates awkward situation for them. If you don’t know how to find a perfect bra for you. you would not be able to purchase the one that totally fits in to your personality lets discuss some tips which can help you in choosing right kind of Bra for you.

1. Know your size– you have to know the correct size of your bra. If you would buy a big size it will give you a sagging look and if you will buy a short size it will give you health issues and can damage your breast tissues as well .there would be skin rashes or severe pain at your chest. So before buying a bra first measure your correct size.Different lingerie websites has Bra size calculator where you can find how to buy a right size Bra.

2. Check your Breast shape– Each women breast size and shape is different. There are different types of breast shape in world so normally each bra does not suit for all of us. We have to pick our bra according to our Breast shape. You can choose a push up bra or can choose full coverage or supper support Bra according to the shape of your breast. Your breast shape can be bell, Slender, Round, East west, Asymmetric, Tear drop or side set. So you have to check what kind of shape is of your breast to pick the correct Bra that suits your personality.

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3. Find the Best Bra Design– you have to pick the best design of the bra that suits your personality. Suppose if you have East and west shape you can go for an under wired bra. Judge your breast shape and pick the best bra that suits you.

4. Pick the best fabric for your skin type– you have to pick a good fabric bra because it will help to prevent skin irritation and rashes. nylon and spandex fabric bras are not good for wearing all the time choose a soft and gentle fabric for everyday usage like cotton in which your skin can breathe easily.

5. Try and Shop– it is necessary to try your bra before buying  every brand has different size charts follow the size chart of the brand and if you are buying online please check for the return policy as if the does not fit you can easily return it.

6. Size calculator– if you want to buy perfect bra size for you first you have to measure your band , bust and cup size with measuring tape. Measure around the back and under your bust for your band size and around your back over your nipples for your Cup size then subtract the difference  for example if you have band size of 36 inches  and under bust (Rib cage) size is 34 inches  you will be 34B because 36-34 is equal to 2 and that number corresponds to letter B in the alphabet. The cup sizes Ranges from AA to H AA are the smallest and H are the largest.

7. Handling tip of Lingerie–Always handwash your bra to maintain the quality. And if you want to wash them in machine put them inside a laundry bag for washing so that the wire and elastic doesn’t get damaged.