All you need to know about Shopping Safely Online

Online shopping is just fun and convenient now days. You can sit in the comfort of your home and shop online and goods will get delivered at your doorstep. We can get a great deal at discounted price by doing online shopping. Three things you want to be assured while doing online shopping goods will arrive on time. The quality should be awesome and in case found not good it is returnable. Let’s explore some other things you should consider while doing online shopping.

How to shop online smartly

1. Place order from secure connection- you should place order from a secured connection as your passwords and financial information is at risk from being stolen. If you are using a wireless network it has to be encrypted otherwise someone who is outside your house can’t be able to steal your personal information. Avoid using a public network while doing online payments.

2. Order from a reputed Vender-if you are shopping from a reputed vender shopping online is safe. If they are having offline store as well you can easily walk in to store for help if facing any issue with the product   . If they are not having offline stores still you can do the background verification by checking the online reviews of the sites. If the store does not get favourable reviews don’t order from their website.

3. Avoid offers who are not actually worth-if any stores promises too much low price consider the items quality. Just check that the quality is worth it or not if the item is not up to the mark they are able to return it or refund the money or not. Sometimes online stores are created to just grab your personal information and it’s a scam to purchase from those sites so always beware while doing online shopping.

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4. Read terms and conditions- if you are buying a gift card just read the terms and conditions and always buy a well reputed store online Gift card.

5. Don’t provide excess personal information- online stores will take your name, shipping address and telephone number email address if a vender asks for more information there is no need to provide it. You should be conscious about providing more information about yourself. Online sites can resell rent or share your personal information. Always check the privacy policy before buying online from any site.

6. Site security- if you are buying online before doing payment just check that whether the website is secure or not. if the web address on the page begins with “https:” it means that the site is secure and encrypted to protect your information.

7. Avoid outsmart Email scams- don’t open emails from someone whom you don’t know or a site you haven’t visited. Some fake people send fake emails mentioning special offers or special discounts which will route you to the fake sites and can give you financial loss. You can even get phone calls from your bank or financial institution saying that there is a problem in your account will tell you to fix it online and ask you about the password or pin font share any kind of such information over the phone as these calls are fake from fraud people

8. Don’t click on links- on social networking sites avoid clicking on links of best deals or lucrative offers which will promise unbelievable deals and holiday gifts. Before doing any payment just check about the accuracy of the offer.

9. Use updated software- Always update the software of your desktop or phone as software updates are released to help improving security and fight new attacks developed constantly. Sometimes it feels inconvenient to do the software update but if you know the actual worth of it you will definitely do the software update at any cost. It will make your device safe and secure for internet browsing.

10. Compare and buy- whenever shopping online just compare the prices at different sites. You will have similar products at different stores just compare the price of the product and quality check the popularity of the store and quality of the brand before doing payment for the product.