5 Yummy Immunity Boosting Foods for kids

Kids love foods which is yummy, delicious and tasty. Kids always want their favourite snacks all the time. But it is the duty of the parents to provide the kids foods which are yummy tasty as well as immunity builders. Taking care of our kids is our priority so let’s talk about some foods which increase our immunity and having great taste

1. Fresh seasonal Fruits-Fruits are most important for our health. Fruits are having vitamins, minerals and nutrition that keep diseases away from kids. Fruits are essential and immunity boosters. Fruits boost our immune system kids love juicy fruits like berries,grapes and melons.

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2. Fruit juices- Vitamin c is great for our health and a immunity booster. Vitamin juices or citrus fruits will  boost our immunity and are having  great taste loved by kids

3. Green vegetables- Green vegetables has healthy nutrients and vitamin A,C and iron. They provide disease free and healthy life.  Green vegetables are tasty and improve immunity.

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4. Nuts and seeds-nuts are tasty to eat and are great immunity booster. Nuts like almonds, peanuts,cashews and raisins are loved by kids

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5. Yoghurt- yoghurt is a rich probiotic source which boosts the immunity levels. It has good taste and you can include it in daily lunch of kids to provide them good bacteria to fight against diseases.

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