Summer Travel Trends of this Year Expensive Hotels and Busy Streets Plan Your Holiday

Travel will be on High priority this year. Travel trends changed due to pandemic but people still prefer solo travelling. No Boundaries, No restrictions all focus on self pleasure. People are looking for less crowded places for travelling this year and majorly want to visit known location with known people.

People prefer to visit nearby places

All the travel restrictions has been lifted by the government but still people don’t want to visit far locations as we all know that pandemic is still there. People want to plan but short trips only and nearby known location. Traveller’s preference is to go for a short distance trip preferably by car or Plane so weekend holiday are the new popular trend of this year. Travelers explore local food, and cultural activities.

Solo travel with dream destination

People prefer to travel solo to their dream destination as there is not any risk of infection while travelling alone and full freedom to travel. People are moving to another place and having pleasure with work.

Getting close to nature and activity

People are getting close to nature and adventurous activities as due to pandemic almost two years they are inactive doing work from home only. So the travellers find pleasure in getting close to nature like mountains, waterfalls and forests and adventurous activities like climbing, hiking, mountain biking will be popular this year.

Relaxation wellness and Fun

People are looking for relaxation and having a best time away from virtual prison. Preferred destinations would be luxurious with wellness centre therapies and a fun factor.

Amenities in Hotels

The most searched amenities in hotels this summer’s are pool s when they are booking for stays.  The others amenities are free breakfast, Kitchens and free parking.

How to Book tickets Smart online

You can book flexible and refundable tickets  and stays plan in advance for the summer trip to grab the best deals on hotels and tickets as last minute deals are hard to find and costly. Always compare weekend and weekdays prices as there is always a difference use price alerts on flights and hotels and check new and updated rules of travel before planning