Popular Namkeen Brands for Your Everyday snack craving

Namkeens Hold a special space in heart of everybody as a delicious snack. Our teatime is incomplete without the special and favourite namkeens on our table. Whether it is a festival or a normal birthday party at home or you are expecting guests at your home Namkeens are special snacks which are favourite for every age group whether you are a kid or a senior citizen . we have so many brands available in the market who offer quality namkeens. Lets discuss best brands which provide  high quality namkeens.

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Best Namkeen Brands Available In the Market

1. Haldirams – Haldiram Offers a wide range of fresh and healthy Namkeens and snacks. You can enjoy the taste of spicy, tangy  and tasty namkeens , samosa , mathi Boondi chiwda and other so many options are available to retreat your taste buds. Haldirams is More than just food  they win the hearts of the people with their great taste and quality products. its famous mixtures are Madras Mixture, Bengaluru Mixture spicy mixture and Bikaneri Bhujia. These namkeens are available In Zip locked bags to maintain the freshness and taste these are quite hygienic with no synthetic flavours and having most valued local recipes and ingredients .

2. Bikano-Bikano Brand is established in 1950 as Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar and in 1960 they decided to expand and include more varities of traditional sweets and namkeens .  they have several shops named Bikanerwala in prominent parts of delhi including karol bagh. They sells spicy and namkeen food items like peanuts, potatioes and cornflakes  it also  offers a great variety of diet mixture made with healthy items alike cornflakes and Bengal grams  their namkeens are full of nutrition and famous for navratna Mixture, Bikaneri Bhujia and salted moong dal snacks.

3. Bikaji- Bikaji is famous brand of namkeens established in 1993 .  It got Rajasthan state award for export excellence in 2008 and in 2009 it got the government of Rajasthan state award for export excellence. It offers great variety of Kolkata mixtures and best combination of spicy lentils ,peanuts and rice flakes and potatoes.it has a large collection of namkeens which serves you with great variety and taste . they want to be assured regarding the quality so they use the best ingredients to prepare the crispy namkeens 

4. Postcard – it is a new brand launched in the market for namkeens . it is launched in 2019 and brings you food from unexplored states of india. it focus on authenticity of flavours and quality of ingredients and origin of the food.  It believes in bringing handmade handcrafted products made in their place of origin.  Currently they are having 40+ snacks, namkeens , pickles and sweets made from high quality ingredients like peanuts, cashews , badam and Pista.

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5. Chaayos- Chaayos has a aim of providing distinctive chai time experience to  Indians . It is established in the year 2012. Now they has started to serve chaayos snacks as well. It is generally a chai and namkeen brand company  which provides best quality snacks to add more enjoyment to the tea time.  It sells most of the Maharashtra style of snacks like mathri, bhakarwadi and ready to eat samosas. The namkeens made by them are having ingredients full of nutrition like coconut, cashews and they have prepared according to the traditional methods. They have a limited variety but provides you the best value for your money.