Best Mythology books you can follow if you believe in ancient stories

The ancient legends of Gods and goddesses have many parallels with mythology, which is a very inspirational genre. The finest part of reading mythology books is how each author puts their own, original take on these lengthy tales. Check out the list of novels below if you enjoy mythical tales to see which ones are the greatest.

1. 7 secrets of Shiva- Devdutt Pattanaik, an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist, and author whose works mostly centre on the fields of myth, mythology, and management, has published a fantastic book. The myth of Shiva as a God and his place in the Hindu trinity alongside Vishnu and Brahma are very creatively explored in this book. The author explains the many representations and elements to the audience before beginning to interpret them. He clarifies the various religious oddities and inconsistencies as well as the symbolism, customs, and motivations underlying Hindu devotion.

2. The daughter from a wishing tree- Did you know a woman invented the first clone ever made? The number of women in Indian mythology may be small, yet there are numerous tales about their power and mystique in the old books and epics. They slew demons and zealously defended their followers. The women in this collection are alluring and fierce, usually leading battles on the gods’ behalf, the pillars of their families, and masters of their own fates. It will take you on an inspirational trip with ladies who will serve as a reminder of the powerful female role models in your life.

3. 365 tales of Indian mythology- The mythology of India is a rich source of wonderful stories. This book serves as an excellent primer on Indian literary culture. This book’s episodic and condensed structure, together with its lovely images, make it the ideal engaging engagement for children and provide a doorway into the world of the sublime.

4. The hidden hindu- Although the wrong people have possession of the book of Mritsanjeevani, Nagendra’s goals go well beyond immortality. What appeared to be the end of all conflicts was actually only the start of an amazing quest to find buried poems. Om is still lacking without knowing about his history, but he is no longer alone. Two of the greatest warriors of all time stand by his side, and two enigmatic warriors also stick by his side unwaveringly. or do all the allies have secret motives? It is a quest for words that have a greater meaning than even immortality for gods and devils.

5. Kalki- Kalki Hari, the son of Vishnuyath and Sumati and a native of the peaceful town of Shambala, is unaware of his ancestry until he encounters tragedy and conflict. When Lord Kali’s fist is placed over the kingdom of Keekatpur, Kalki observes the ignominy of death triumphing over life all around him. He finds out that his purpose in life is to purify the planet he inhabits, for which he must travel to the North and study the teachings of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar from an immortal with an axe. Will he be able to fulfil his destiny before the Kaliyug starts, though, imprisoned in the middle of betrayals, political scheming, and forces out to destroy him?