Top thriller books you can read for fun

These well-liked books on our list of the finest thrillers can satisfy your craving for an intriguing thriller narrative, whether you’re relaxing on your sofa, travelling by airline, or just want to read a superb psychological fiction. To escape your boring routine, read enigmatic stories with suspense, crime, conspiracies, and retribution. Lets discuss the best ones you can read for fun.

1. The Silent Patient –Until a certain day six years ago, Alicia Berenson appeared to have the ideal life. when she repeatedly shot her husband in the skull. She hasn’t said a thing since that time. Time to determine the cause. The year’s best must-read thriller is THE SILENT PATIENT.

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2. I Hear You- Mahika believes that having a child will revive her failing marriage. But because Shivam, her brilliant geneticist husband, cannot have a baby that is perfect for him, all of her pregnancies end in failure. till one exists. The first genetically modified fetus in the world, Rudra, is Mahika’s last hope and Shivam’s ideal creation. Mahika, who is six weeks pregnant, has just entered her fertility clinic when she finds an anonymous note that reveals the unpleasant reality about her pregnancy. Mahika finds herself imprisoned in her own home before she can accept the truth that her husband’s pursuit of perfection has staked out a territory in her womb. But then she learns that her unborn child have remarkable abilities. Rudra calibrates and re calibrates as the weeks go by.

3. The Guest List- A further homicide. One more enigma.the newly released suspense novel by The Hunting Party’s No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author.The wedding of the year—the union of Jules Keegan and Will Slater—takes place on an isolated island with a large guest list.old acquaintances.Old grudges.successful families.jealousies kept hidden.13 visitors.One of the guests is discovered dead shortly after the wedding cake is cut. All of them are confined while a storm unleashes its wrath on the island.Everyone is hiding something. Every person has a goal. total thriller you can read for fun.

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4. Rock Paper Scissors-The author of Sometimes I Lie’s instant New York Times bestsellerDark, intelligent, and positively Feeneyesque—not just diabolical but also highly clever. Close to Home author Cara Hunter A marriage of ten years.secrets for ten years.They will never forget this anniversary.The Scottish Highlands are where Adam and Amelia will be spending the weekend. The isolated setting is ideal for what they have in mind. But when their romantic getaway takes a sinister turn, they begin to question whether they can trust the person they’re with.due to the fact that every couple lies occasionally. The risk posed by the reality is far greater only for Adam and Amelia. An artfully written book with a dramatic turn.

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5. Bad liars- Anant Kapoor, a well-known investment manager, was found dead in his home, and the authorities had no trouble blaming his wife for the crime. She has no plausible explanation, and his passing directly benefits her. But when they investigate further, the police find two additional suspects who are just as likely to have committed the crime.

Without a clear reason and conflicting accounts from the three suspects, the authorities are forced to look more into their backgrounds. What they learn is both terrifying and puzzling.

Anant was murdered, but more importantly, why? find out in this book.