Popular Camera Phones you can Buy in India

If you enjoy shooting images, you should try out some of the greatest smartphone cameras instead of relying on bulky cameras. Modern smartphones include sophisticated cameras that, in terms of quality and convenience, may compete with more traditional cameras. You can take beautiful pictures while you’re on the road with these smartphones thanks to features like numerous lenses, high megapixel counts, and sophisticated image processing. Discovering the world of smartphones with top-notch cameras could lead to new creative possibilities for your photographic adventure, whether you’re an enthusiast or just like to capture memories.

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Lets discuss the best camera phones

1. Vivo X90 Pro- The X90 Pro’s exceptionally outstanding cameras were made possible with help from ZEISS. It has a special chip inside that accelerates everything. The primary camera performs well in low light and can take good pictures even when the light level is quite low. This phone comes in a beautiful black colour and costs Rs 84,999 for the edition with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It is accessible through websites like Flipkart, vivo, and others.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: One of the best camera phones available right now is this one. It has a unique Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that was created specifically for the Galaxy series. The main lens on the back camera, which has four lenses and a resolution of 200 megapixels, is extremely sharp. Additionally, a special pen for writing and drawing is included with the phone. Prices range from Rs 1,24,999 for the entry-level model to Rs 1,54,999 for the most expensive model. Amazon, the Samsung store, and other locations both sell it.

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3. Vivo V27 Pro- This is a pretty slim and attractive phone from Vivo. It can change colours and has a curved display, which is quite neat. The primary camera has excellent nighttime photography capabilities and does a superb job at capturing events like Indian weddings. This phone is available in three variations and costs Rs 37,999. It is available in two colours and can be purchased via shops, Flipkart, and the vivo website.

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4. Xiaomi 13 Pro: All eyes are on this phone’s cameras. The three 50 megapixel cameras on the back of the device allow for the capture of incredibly detailed images. The primary camera performs admirably in dim lighting. For your photos, you can select a variety of styles. This one has two colours and costs Rs 79,999. It’s available for purchase on Mi.com, Amazon, and other websites.

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5. OPPO Reno 10 Pro Plus: This OPPO phone is a very high-end model. The main camera, which is one of three cameras on the rear, performs well in low light. Without sacrificing quality, you can zoom in quite close to objects. The base version starts at Rs 39,999, while the more luxurious version costs Rs 54,999. It is available for purchase from OPPO’s store, Amazon, Flipkart, and other locations.