10 Clovia Sanitary Pads- XXXL for Overnight Usage – 410mm



Why Clovia Sanitary Pads?

8/10 women suffer from period rashes. The synthetic top sheet of pads causes pain, irritation & discomfort. The ultimate solution? Clovia Sanitary Pads

The cotton-feel top layer with feather-soft touch promises a rash-free experience, hygiene & comfort.

Here’s what get:

Rash-free technology with cotton feel top layer that feels as soft as tissue on the skin.

160mm wide back for maximum coverage.

A long length of 410 mm to provide protection for heavy night flow.

Large wings to keep the pad in place and to provide a better fit.

Works great for both day & night usage.

Leakproof with super absorbency .

Strong adhesive that stays put throughout the night without leaving any residue.

Ultra-thin pads that don’t make you feel stuffy.

Anti-bacterial strip to protect you from skin rashes, itching, and infections.


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