Clovia Botaniqa Anti-Hair-Fall Conditioner with Ayurvedic Formula – Jojoba Oil & Rosemary- 250 ml



Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Conditioner – 250ml

Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Conditioner is Made in India and is a natural product with no toxins, paraben, or sulphate. This anti hair fall conditioner is enriched with natural ingredients like jojoba, rosemary, vitamin E & keratin that reduce hair fall, strengthen roots, and improve hair texture.


How It Works?

1.Reduces hair fall and adds volume

2.Smoothes  frizzy hair and makes it shinier

3.Prevents split ends and hair texture

4.Strengthens hair

5.Boosts hair growth


Special Ingredients:

1.Jojoba Oil: Nourishes damaged hair, reduces hair fall, prevents split ends, and controls frizz.

2.Rosemary: Stimulates hair follicles and reduces hair fall.

3.Vitamin E: Conditions hair and moisturizes dry and itchy scalp.

4.Keratin: Smoothes frizz hair stands and makes hair look fuller & glossier.

5.Hibiscus Extract: Thickens hair, adds volume,  and reduces hair fall.

6.Argan Oil: Protects hair against damage caused by hair styling.

7.Lavender Oil: Stimulates hair growth and treats scalp infection and soothes inflammation.

8.Tea tree Oil: Unclogs the pores and gently cleanses the scalp to boost hair growth.

9. Hispanica Seed Oil: Nourishes and conditions hair & scalp and reduces dry & flaky skin.

10. Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract: Strengths hair from roots to tips and boosts hair growth.

  • Clovia Botaniqa Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner is packed with ingredients like jojoba, rosemary, Vitamin E & keratin.
  • It nourishes the hair and makes it manageable & soft. It prevents hair fall by reducing damage like hair breakage and also improves the hair texture.
  • How Does It Work?

    • Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that deeply nourishes the scalp and hair. It maintains a healthy scalp by hydrating it, which then prevents hair fall.
    • Keratin strengthens the hair by reducing the damage and making the hair cell stronger. It also tames frizz and split ends by adding shine and softness to the hair.
    • Lavender unclogs the hair follicles by allowing the hair to grow. It gets rid of dandruff and calms the irritated scalp. This ingredient helps to promote blood circulation, making the scalp healthy by enabling hair growth. It adds shine and softness to the hair.
    • Tea tree oil helps remove the chemical buildup and dead skin by revealing a non-greasy and fresh scalp. It maintains the health of the scalp by nourishing it deeply and by preventing hair fall.
    • Hibiscus extract controls hair loss and damage by making hair shiny and healthy-looking. It also delays the premature greying of the hair. It makes the hair appear thick while reducing dandruff & frizz.
    • Argan oil deeply conditions the hair and has moisturising properties because it is filled with fatty acids. It helps maintain the health of the scalp and hair by nourishing them. It also protects and repairs the damage caused by styling tools and products.
    • Hispanica seed oil is packed with several fatty acids that help the hair to retain moisture. This ingredient allows the hair to be soft, smooth and well-hydrated. It also helps the hair shaft regain strength, essential for less breakage while maintaining the thickness and length of the hair.
    • Cannabis sativa seed extract prevents the hair from absorbing excess moisture. As a result, this ingredient reduces the breakage caused by brushing wet hair. It also promotes healthy hair growth while strengthening the hair from scalp to roots.


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